Trump Primary Challenger Says ‘Four to Six’ GOP Senators Secretly Back Impeachment

A 2020 Republican challenger who’s looking to take on President Donald Trump is letting the American people know that there are Republican lawmakers who support impeachment but haven’t been vocal about their position.

Bill Weld told The Hill on Thursday that he knows a lot of senior Senate Republicans who are “picking their words carefully when they talk to me, of all people, even though we are friends.”

The former Massachusetts governor continued to say, “I wouldn’t want to get quoted. I don’t even like to ask someone to do something which is not in their political self-interest. But yeah, I would say there are four to six votes for removal right now.”

Additionally, Weld suggested that House Republicans who vote against the impeachment inquiry will “regret” their decision one day.

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Weld has previously called impeachment to remove Trump an “insurance policy.” He and another Republican challenger, Joe Walsh, have expressed support for the inquiry.

Following a more than 14-hour debate on Thursday between Republicans and Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee, the committee delayed the vote on two articles of impeachment. The vote is expected early Friday.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has declared that he doesn’t believe Trump is in any real danger, as he told Fox News there’s “no chance the president is going to be removed from office.”

The Senate is expected to begin an impeachment trial in January 2020.


  1. “Any Republican who votes against Trump will be removed and damaged for life” Lannie Hack

    What a sad state this country has devolved into being.

  2. I am confused.

    Who the flying pigeon gives a rats ass about what the fascist congressmen with no backbone think PRIVATELY? It’s how they VOTE about a rogue King that matters.

    1. Any Republican who votes against Trump will be removed and damaged for life

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