What Would It Look Like if Conservative Street Artist Sabo TOTALLY Crashed a Bernie Sanders Event?

On Saturday, an art gallery in Los Angeles opened a Bernie Sanders-oriented art exhibit, and the Democratic-Socialist Presidential hopeful was in attendance.

The event was publicized with this poster:

art promo


On the gallery’s website, organizers offered an example of the type of art that exemplifies “art of a political revolution”:Cody_Hudson_Bernie-638x957

Guerilla conservative artist and Los Angeles resident Sabo couldn’t resist crashing the party. So, late Saturday night, he made a visit to the street. The results are classic.

He started with the benches directly across the street from the gallery:

bernie benches

Then, he hit the bus stop and light pole down the sidewalk:

bus stop display

Bernie light signs

He finished up immediately in front of the gallery:

bernie sidewalk

No word on what Sanders’s response was to the unexpected welcome.

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