WHCA Condemns Trump’s Suggestion to Take ‘Fake News’ Credentials Away — ‘An Unconscionable Assault’

The White House Correspondents’ Association criticized President Donald Trump for floating the idea of taking away credentials from the “fake news” media. 

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Margaret Talev, the association president, shared a statement on Twitter that acknowledged the president’s early Wednesday morning message. 

“Some may excuse the president’s inflammatory rhetoric about the media, but just because the president does not like news coverage does not make it fake,” she said.

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Talev explained that part of having a free press is allowing people to report on the news whether it’s good or bad, momentous or mundane, without “fear or favor.” 

While Trump’s tweet teased the idea, the association’s president explained the severe reflection on the president if the idea were to come to fruition.  

“And a president preventing a free and independent press from covering the workings of our republic would be an unconscionable assault on the First Amendment,” she concluded the statement. 

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that the fake news media was “working overtime” because despite his success the reporting is overwhelmingly negative. 

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“Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt?” he asked and added, “Take away credentials?” 

During the press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the tweet.


She told ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega that the White House is “committed to a free press” as some of their comments have even suggested. 

“I think a number of you have mentioned on-air, in private, and a number of other occasions that this is one of the most accessible White Houses,” she explained.

Sanders added that by her and Trump repeatedly taking questions from the press proves their commitment, but contended that the press also has a responsibility to report accurate information. 

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