While Other Businesses Ban Trump, Iconic Black-Owned Diner Has Entirely Different Message for President-Elect

President-elect Donald Trump may have won the election this month, but that certainly doesn’t mean that everybody is pleased with the results.

Some restaurants around the country have found pushed back against Trump and his supporters by banning them outright from eating at their establishments.

In the past year, renowned Chef Michael Symon told CBS Cleveland that Trump would not be allowed in any of his Cleveland restaurants during the Republican National Convention.

Other restaurants, particularly a few Mexican restaurants in Texas, made waves in the news as well, after they posted signs in their windows warning supporters of the Republican nominee not to come in:

But one black-owned Washington, D.C., staple, which has been feeding the community since 1958, won’t be turning anyone down after the big election:

Ben’s Chili Bowl. 

Image Credit: Luke Frazzaa/AFP/Getty Images
Image Credit: Luke Frazza/AFP/Getty Images

The owner of the famous chili spot, Virginia Ali, refuses to follow the lead of some of these other restaurants.

Ali told TMZ that they will continue to serve the President of the United States, whether it’s frequent customer Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

She’s encouraging Trump to come in and have a “chili half smoke” and some of their legendary cheese fries — and we all know The Donald loves a good fast food meal:

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That may be well and good, but other businesses which have supported the Trump family during this vicious campaign have faced serious backlash for providing meals to the president-elect.

The owner of Detroit restaurant 1917 American Bistro, Don Studvent, witnessed this first hand, after he catered a breakfast for Donald Trump Jr.

Angry former customers who were outraged that a black-owned business would cater to a member of Trump’s family held a boycott.

Judging by the backlash Chef Studvent faced, Ben’s Chili Bowl could receive a similar drop in business should the community find Ali’s open attitude towards the President-elect deplorable.

But hopefully everyone can put politics aside and enjoy a chili burger and some cheese fries. They really are that good.

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