White House Communications Director Resigns Upon Trump’s Return to US

White House Communications Director Mike Dubke will be exiting the Trump administration, after serving President Donald Trump for just a few months. Mike Allen of Axios, who broke the story in his morning newsletter, reports that Dubke offered his resignation on May 18 and agreed to stay on until Trump returned from his overseas visit.

With Dubke’s departure, many are wondering what this will mean for the future of the Trump White House’s communications operation, especially in light of the growing scandals surrounding the president and his top aides.

Allen reports that in the immediate, Sean Spicer will be staying on as press secretary; however, he will be cutting back on his number of on-camera briefings. Additionally, it is reported that Trump will be traveling more frequently, possibly as often as once a week in an effort to keep the focus on the president’s travels.

New hires are also possible with a potential staffing shakeup. According to Allen, the White House is considering bringing on David Urban on as chief of staff. Urban is best known for running Trump’s campaign in Pennsylvania where the president upset Hillary Clinton 48.2-47.5 percent.

It has also been reported that Trump is considering bringing on his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as well as David Bossie to run crisis communication regarding the investigations into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to the Russian government.

On Tuesday, Spicer returns to the White House Press Briefing Room to brief reporters in his first on-camera briefing since Trump returned from his foreign trip. Questions regarding his boss’s resignation are likely, as well as if the American people can expect additional changes in the president’s advisers.

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