White House Hopefuls to Make a Pitch to Undecided New Hampshire Democrats

A parade of 19 Democratic White House hopefuls will plead their case to thousands of New Hampshire party activists on Saturday, hoping a quick sales pitch will help ignite their campaigns in the race to pick a challenger to Republican President Donald Trump in 2020.

More than 10,000 Democrats are expected to jam the state party’s daylong annual convention, where they will hear short speeches from all of the party’s top presidential contenders five months before the state holds a pivotal early nominating contest.

Opinion polls show Democratic front-runner Joe Biden holds a narrow lead in New Hampshire over U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who won the state’s primary with 60% of the vote during his failed 2016 White House bid, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

But party leaders say there is plenty of potential for changes at the top or a late charge by a lower-tier candidate, as many Democrats are still evaluating their options in the crowded field.

“I would say that 80% of the activists in the state have yet to commit, and that could make New Hampshire very volatile in the next few months,” said Ray Buckley, chairman of the state Democratic Party.

The convention comes at a crucial moment. It falls between last weekend’s Labor Day holiday, the traditional end of the summer vacation season and kickoff to political campaigning, and next week’s third Democratic presidential debate in Houston, which will give the top 10 contenders another national platform.

The pace of campaigning and the interest level of voters will accelerate as the race heads to the first state nominating contests in Iowa on Feb. 3 and New Hampshire on Feb. 11.

“After Labor Day, people look at political races differently, especially presidential races, and they start getting much more serious about evaluating candidates,” said Jim Demers, who was co-chairman of Barack Obama’s 2008 New Hampshire campaign and has endorsed U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey in the current contest.

Exit polls in 2016 found 68% of those who cast a ballot in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary election considered themselves very or somewhat liberal, making the state ground zero for the face-off between progressives Sanders and Warren.

Other contenders, including Biden, Booker and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, campaigned in New Hampshire on Friday ahead of the convention.

“There is a lot at stake in this election,” Biden said at a town hall meeting in Laconia. “It’s going to take a lot of work to straighten things out.”


All of the Democratic contenders except Wayne Messam, the little-known mayor of Miramar, Florida, will attend the convention on Saturday. They will each get seven to 10 minutes to speak.

Tickets to the dinner were offered for sale to the campaigns, meaning the most well-funded and organized will be able to pack in supporters and display their political muscle.

And while the seven-hour program of short speeches runs counter to the traditional New Hampshire fondness for face-to-face campaigning, it can still give people a sense of the contenders.

“You can get a feel for how they handle themselves. You get to contrast who appears really comfortable and who is struggling up there. It gives you a different perspective of the race,” Demers said.

New Hampshire Democrats still recall a well-received 1991 state convention speech by a relatively unknown Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton, which helped propel him to a better than expected second-place finish in the 1992 state primary and ultimately to the White House.

“This could be a game changer for a couple of candidates,” Buckley said.

(Reporting by John Whitesides; Editing by Colleen Jenkins and Jonathan Oatis)


  1. “You don’t know who the nominee is but you”ll vote along party lines instead of who is doing the most for our country. This is what’s wrong with the sheeple Liberals/Democrats. Indoctrination has worked well on you (or on the group that posts under this name).” Charles

    You are confused, Chuck.

    It is pretty clear to anyone who actually reads her comments that Phyllis assesses candidates on more than just party lines, even though I disagree with her opinions or assessments, in a few cases. She is way better at doing that than I am and she has done nothing to deserve your pitiful attack.

    Your innuendo that a group are posting under her ID also points to a real conspiratorial issue with trust. Nothing that I have ever seen her post even comes close to what you suggest. You are just nuts!

  2. The smart choice for undecided NH democrats would be DONALD TRUMP

  3. Sorry Screw, I could not respond beneath you comment as someone else already responded. You can safely bet that on November 3rd, 2020 that I will be voting for a candidate NOT named Trump. At this early date, it is too soon to say if the candidate I cast my ballot is the Democrat nominee or a write-in. I have a list of who I will NOT be voting for on April 28, 2020, but I still don’t know who will still be in the race come April.

    1. Of course you wouldn’t, you’re a lying Democrat. You don’t know who the nominee is but you”ll vote along party lines instead of who is doing the most for our country. This is what’s wrong with the sheeple Liberals/Democrats. Indoctrination has worked well on you (or on the group that posts under this name).

  4. Free healthcare for border jumpers and take 250 Million guns away from Americans. Great platform, go with it.

  5. Let the liberals nominate camel faced kamala harris. after all she screwed her way to the top and s got the schpeil ‘n schtick down pat. She screwed willie brown, then married to get what she wanted, then she screwed the people of San Francisco as the city’s worst district attorney , she screwed California’s district attorney and she’s so far screwed the people of California as senator and if all goes according to her plans she’ll screw America for sure. Anyone see a pattern here,> If you don’t, you need to go back to school.. Oh wait, my bad, there are sadly enough stupid clueless, moon beaming ‘n moronic idiots that’d vote for her or any of the other liberal clown’s promising ‘pie in the sky everything for free’ that’ll financially bankrupt us.

    1. Can you tell me how Trump’s 2106 platform of “Mexico will pay for the wall” “Tax cuts will pay for themselves” “I have a healthcare plan that will cover everyone and costs less than Obamacare” “I alone can fix it” and “I will make coal king again.” worked out for you, William? Where you “stupid and clueless” when you voted for the self-proclaimed successful businessman that declared bankruptcy 5 times but told you he would payoff the national debt in 8 yrs?—In the first 2 yrs he added 2 TRILLION, so he now has 22 trillion to pay off. How did those claims of “phony” economic numbers work out? I am not a supporter of Kamala Harris or Donald Trump—BUT WHY does one’s sex life disturb you but not the other? Has Harris been sued by hundreds of employees, contractors, partners and attorneys for non-payment of services? Has Harris been fined millions for corrupt business practices? Has Harris been successfully sued in TWO class action cases for FRAUD?? WHY is Trump’s record of no significance?

  6. The Clown Bus is now in NH ,,, hope the people there are paying attention to the Lies, Deceit and Deception they are spewing. They only want Power and Control and NOT Our Nation’s nor it’s People interest first !!!

    1. Can you name a POTUS nominee candidate in history that was not seeking power and control(of the country’s agenda)? Can you cite an example of an instance where Donald Trump put the interests of the ENTIRE country above his own interests?

  7. Take a moment and look at these clowns faces and tell me if the light is on with any of them ?

  8. Finger pointing and mouths open. Yep, looks like a convention of witch hunters. Perhaps they can discuss all the investigations they have in store when they lose again. This would be a great place to round up all the Democrats and ship them off to England, where their loyalties lie. America would finally be at peace.

    1. Interesting understanding of the founding principles of America. Deporting those with whom we have political differences.

    1. It appears that is how the R’s picked Trump in 2016—no other R candidate was offering a “free” wall at the expense of the taxpayers of Mexico. The other R’s did offer “free” tax cuts as the standard claim is they pay for themselves. Trump was the only candidate that claimed “free of” stuff. He said you would not have a POTUS that golfed or vacationed. He also claimed you would not have a POTUS under federal investigation.—-NONE of the free stuff or even the free-of stuff worked out as promised.

  9. Not a one of them offers a thing for the betterment or security of America or its citizens. It is all about free stuff, allowing illegals to cross our borders unhampered and get coddled, , social justice, equality and regression of our economy, stressing climate change through over-regulation, high taxes, eliminating use of fossil fuels for windmills and solar panels, attacking the wealthy who pay most of the taxes and crippling corp[orations and businesses to the point they will either fold or move out of the country. Democrats love a recession and non-prosperity because it makes people more dependent upon government and these are citizens that can be controlled. Democrats are the biggest danger to our country, Constitution, laws, way of life, security, mom, Chevrolet an apple pie. Keep them out at all costs. Do whatever it takes to stop them. They are cockroaches that despoil everything they get involved in. Look for serious election fraud in the 2020 election. Democrats have an unquenchable lust for power and will use every underhanded, dirty method to achieve that goal.

    1. Living in California, the one time great, clean, affordable and prosperous golden state that under the liberals has become to the point of being unlivable in many places, high crime, homelessness, sky high costs of living and the list goes on and on of their so called ‘achievements’. One thing iv’e learned is the difference between ancient Greek King Midas and the liberals: With King Midas, everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, a good thing in many respects and just the opposite happens with the liberals, it seems everything they touch and get involved in turns to SHIT. For those still unconvinced, come take a look at San Francisco, the one time jewel of California that under the liberals has become the ‘doo doo’ capital of the west coast. Let your eyes and nose tell you the whole story.

  10. There is only one choice here and it’s bad. They are literally all telling their own versions of “The Aristocrats” (an obscene joke told by comedy insiders). Except they are promising how much they will run peoples’ lives. Let’s call their version “The Elitists”.

    I’m wondering how many not-demented Dims will hold their noses and vote for one of these come Nov. 2020? It’s certain Phyllis will.

    1. Syphilis will be on board to vote as many times as possible. It’s the way Democrats operate. I’m sure the back stage rigging is intense. It’s like big brother or any of the other reality shows, secret pacts that change to suit, much backstabbing going on, plans to suck up to the leader for a VP spot. We saw it all in 2016. How many know that Tim Kane stepped down as DNC chair, in 2011, so Wasserman Schultz could be in position to help the Hillarrhoid rig the nomination in 2016. His reward was the VP spot. The planning went on way back then as did the Hillarrhoid’s peddling of influence while SOS to get donations. Ever wonder what was in those ‘deleted’ emails while she was SOS? The ones posted by Assange’ in 2016 pretty much exposed the rigging plot. How deep did it go? How deep will the back stabbing and cheating go in 2020? With Democrats there is no limit.

  11. What else are they going to give illegals? Besides medicare for all. How much more taxes are we going to have to pay to support their free everything? Their communism will bankrupt this country and all of us but the politicians will be on breadlines with no healthcare.

  12. It is difficult to fathom how anyone is undecided. The Dumbocrats have choices which run the gamut from inane to inept so they should either stay home or vote Trump so they can whine and moan for four more years.

    1. They could throw a dart. These candidates are all pretty much interchangeable.

      I hope they pick Joe.

  13. More ridiculous far left Socialist political BS—-no one takes the clown parade seriously!

  14. It is difficult to fathom how anyone could be undecided but as far as the Dumbocrats
    are concerned, their choices run the gamut from the inane to the inept. They should either stay home or vote for Trump so they can whine and moan for four more years.!

  15. Can’t see there would be any problem in deciding who to vote for from the cackling gaggle of 19 morons on the Left. Just examine the IQ of each and if any has an IQ as large as his/her shoe size, you obviously must #WALKAWAY and vote straight Republican. Not a difficult decision for America’s future at all.

    1. James,

      IQ does not always correlate with competence. In the same way, talking a good game doesn’t mean you can actually “play”.

  16. In 2017 their PCPI has increased by 33%, their unemployment is at [2.5%] I wonder if they recognize who has done this for them?

  17. All eyes are on New Hampshire; will they be brain dead ideologues or exercise common sense.

    1. Common sense departed the party of jackass long ago!
      Taking a deep suck of helium and releasing squeaky nonsense makes more sense than any of the D-RAT candidates.

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