It’s Official: The White House Has Restored Jim Acosta’s Press Pass — But There’s a Catch

Jim Acosta

CNN announced on Monday that after a public feud and legal battle with the White House, the administration restored White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

As IJR previously noted, a federal judge ordered the White House to restore his press pass after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revoked it and accused him of putting his hands on an intern.

According to Politico, CNN said that given the restoration, it no longer needed to pursue its lawsuit against the White House.

The White House has indicated, however, that Acosta could again lose his press pass. CNN’s Brian Stelter reported Monday that the White House told Acosta it planned to revoke his press pass after the judge’s restraining order ended its 14-day time span.

When the White House responded to the judge’s ruling, Sanders demanded “decorum” from the press.

Acosta lost his press pass after a testy exchange in which he appeared to argue with President Donald Trump over the controversial migrant caravan.

Watch their exchange below:

In response to Sanders’ accusation, Acosta issued a denial and claimed the White House was trying to avoid tough questions.

UPDATE [11/19/18, 4:33 p.m. EST]: CNN reported that the White House described the pass’ restoration as a “final determination.” The White House said that if Acosta failed to follow its new rules — which included limiting each reporter to one question — he could again lose his press pass.

“A journalist called upon to ask a question will ask a single question and then will yield the floor to other journalists,” a letter from the White House read.


  1. acosta is a total tool..not a journalist in any respect. hope trump just doesnt call on this POS. put him in the back row…

  2. Acosta is a horrible “martyr” as he stands for nothing except his own ambition. The WH should simply “roll over”, then absolutely ignore him. Let his eventual downfall and persecution start with those colleagues he tramples, if they have spines.

    The WH is overthinking this when the elements for Acosta’s defeat are already there. It’s not rocket science to point an asshole at his comeuppance.

    1. You are amusingly predictable. How many full press briefings have you watched? Not clips of Acosta or Ryan, FULL press briefing. How many correspondents ask more than 1 question? Who is the reporter that swoons, “Ohhh, thank you, Sarah” every time he gets called on? Who is the reporter that jumps around in his chair when Sarah is offering alternative facts in response to his questions? You’re right- t it’s NOT rocket science. If you do not want Acosta to be a martyr, STOP making him one.

      1. I have this thing called a “life”. I’m not a fully-obsessed creature like you. May I suggest a hobby?

      2. There’s this thing called “access”. While the rules have yet to be formalized I imagine an unwelcome guest is still unwelcome. With Thanksgiving imminent, are YOU an unwelcome guest? Do you offend your hosts and aggressively pursue unwelcome subjects? It’s easy to envision you doing so. “You voted this way because I say so.” is never a welcome conversation.

      3. Screw, I didn’t know you are “amusingly predictable”! Bet you’re good-lookin, too.

  3. clue to CNN: don’t let Acosta be the hill you die on. Appoint someone else, like an adult who won’t grandstand. It would be too bad if the Secret Service pulled CNN’s clearance (they can do that)

    1. LOL. Who accuses Acosta of “grandstanding”? Who discusses Acosta? Who ELEVATES Acosta? Who MARTYRS Acosta? CONSERVATIVE media! If it was not for Sarah and Trump’s whining, who would even know Acosta’s name? Trump and Sarah made Acosta famous, not Acosta or CNN.

      1. You are. Moron. There’s this thing called “self awareness”. Try iit, if your limited mentality allows.

        Nursing does not surprise me. Is it too predictable you had command over the health and wellbeing of others (just like your ideology). Did you purposely kill conservatives? Just asking.

    2. It’s kind of interesting to think about why CNN hasn’t replaced Acosta. They could have reassigned him and put someone else in that top role. Instead, they made a conscious decision to let him continue acting the way he has at press briefings. Maybe they think the positive attention they get outweighs the negative. They could also see Acosta’s actions as a vital and natural part of a robust, free press (not that I agree with that).

      1. Sam, that’s a question I’ve also wondered about. Why keep Acosta if others are available? I’m thinking that Acosta was an impediment to the press performing it’s function as he made everything about himself. q.v. his grandstanding after restored access.

        Is it wrong to question a *ahem* journalist who makes the story about himself?

        Even Ted Koppel called out CNN’s dependency on Trump for ratings, so maybe keeping Acosta in place WAS a calculated move on their part.

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