White House to Propose Expedited Death Penalty for Perpetrators of Mass Shootings

Erin Scott/File Photo/Reuters

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has drafted legislation that would speed the death penalty for people who have committed mass murder, a White House official said on Monday.

Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, told reporters on Air Force 2 that the measure would be part of a package of gun legislation that the White House intends to propose to Congress.

Pence, who is traveling in Europe, had been in contact with Barr about the issue, Short said.

The White House has been working on measures to address gun violence after several recent mass shootings. President Donald Trump has voiced support for tackling mental health issues related to the violence while also looking at expanded background checks, an issue on which he has wavered.

Leading Democrats have pushed Republicans in the U.S. Senate to take up legislation already passed by the House of Representatives addressing the issue. Lawmakers are expected to look at the legislative options more closely when they return to Washington from their August recess.

(Reporting by Alexandra Alper, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien and Steve Orlofsky)

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These maniacs usually do not survive and by then the damage is done. If there is a Hell, that is where they end up.


An excellent idea and one which can be an actual income generator for the government. Let the public buy tickets for a raffle where the prize is a spot on the firing squad by which these animals will be killed themselves. Entry $1,000 one ticket sold per Social Security number purchaser must be 21+ years of age with no criminal background. A second lottery can be established for the witness pool for let’s say $500 a ticket. Again limited to one ticket per age appropriate Social Security number holder. Lastly, pay per view, an almost guaranteed sold out show so… Read more »


Would work; but only if the murderer is caught ALIVE. IF law enforcement is able to land a few dozen good shots in the perp, then this proposed legislation just becomes more paperwork piled on top of unenforced paperwork which everyone ignores.





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