Whoopi Goldberg’s Meltdown on Supreme Court Nominees: ‘Get Out of My Vagina!’

With President Donald Trump able to nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy after he announced his plans for retirement, “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg was upset about his possible replacements.

“I don’t like hearing, again, that ‘I’m trying to take your rights away,'” Goldberg said. “I have to tell you, as a woman, I think you’re trying to take my rights away. OK?”

Goldberg added that while conservatives are concerned about a people trying to take their guns, she is worried about a Supreme Court justice taking away her rights as a woman:

I’m trying to hold onto my personal rights so that you can have the rights you want. See? Because if you take mine, I feel like you’re the one with the problem. If you take my right away from me, to judge what I do for my family and my body, I got a little problem with that. You got a problem. You don’t want people to take your guns? Get out of my behind! Get out of my vagina! Get out!

Watch the video below:

“Let’s have everybody a Republican,” co-host Joy Behar said sarcastically. “The Supreme Court, the Congress, the presidency. What is that called? Dictatorship, I believe.”

“Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are rolling over in their grave today. What happened to separation of powers? What happened to checks and balances in this country? Gone, gone,” she added.

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