Wife of Ex-Green Beret Charged with Killing Taliban Bombmaker Defends Him Against ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ Attacks

Julie Golsteyn’s husband, Matthew Golsteyn, was charged for killing a Taliban bombmaker while serving overseas — and she couldn’t be more disgusted by how he is being treated.

As IJR previously reported, Matthew Golsteyn was a Green Beret who completed several tours of duty in the Middle East. During one of his deployments, he killed a Taliban bombmaker who had created an explosive that had killed two American soldiers.

The problem with Golsteyn’s action was that the bombmaker wasn’t included on the kill list for that day’s mission.

Now, Golsteyn could face the death penalty for his decision to kill a Taliban bombmaker. Fortunately for the Golsteyn family, President Donald Trump is reviewing the case to see if the Green Beret’s actions require any punishment.

As IJR noted, Golsteyn’s father, Jerry, believed that his son’s actions were being targeted because of the rules of engagement under the Obama administration — rules that Trump has been highly critical of.

Golsteyn’s wife spoke to Fox News about how grateful she is for the president’s review and how disgusted she is with the treatment of her husband.


“If no one in Army leadership is willing to step in, after all this time, and do the right thing, and it is up to the president, we thank him. We thank him for tweeting about it and getting it out there.”

Julie explained that the situation of the bombmaker’s killing has been misconstrued by a narrative put forward by the military’s investigator.

“There’s a lot of words going around that do not accurately describe this situation whatsoever, and that’s a big part of the problem. What is good for us is that we do have a transcript with the investigating agent, on the stand, under oath, saying that what he put forth in his narrative was a falsehood. And that has been perpetuated over and over.”

She said the mischaracterization of her husband is “disgusting.”

“This is absolutely disgusting how they’re portraying him as a cold-blooded murderer,” said Golsteyn.

She also made a blatant jab at the Obama administration, slamming the decisions made for Bowe Bergdahl and Chelsea Manning.

Bergdahl was a prisoner of war who was returned to the U.S. after former President Barack Obama released five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay. This was highly controversial after Bergdahl admitted that he had deserted his unit.

Manning released American secrets to Wikileaks, putting the lives of soldiers at risk. While in prison, Manning transitioned from male to female and Obama commuted her sentence, claiming it was excessive.

“This is the Army of Manning and Bergdahl,” said Golsteyn. “And if those are the kinds of people we want in the Army, that’s what we’re going to end up with because who are we going to have in our ranks if this is what we do to our good men.”

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Patti Harrison

Obama gave millions to the taliban for a traitor but yet this wonderful hero is truly treated like this, evil and sickening, he deserves a hero’s welcome!!!!


Not on that day’s kill list? Well then, the bombmaker was a bonus. As for Barry-era rules of engagement, look at BHO himself- his red line in the Syrian sand, his ISIS “JV” remark, his richly deserved Nobel Prize, his dictum that soldiers were to say nothing derogatory about Taliban, Islam, homosexuality or paedophilia. It was a fair dinkum day when a target was spotted: go to an office in DC or some far removed place to get the OK to squeeze a trigger. Right. That’ll work with a Green Beret

Bonnie Parker-Stewart
Bonnie Parker-Stewart

Leave the military alone and let them do their job. God knows these idiots that are calling for his head are the same ones that don’t have the guts to defend our country knowing they could be killed while doing so.

Bonnie Parker-Stewart
Bonnie Parker-Stewart

It’s sickening that this Hero is being charged with murder. According to the military the bomber wasn’t on a kill list but we don’t know that for sure. Even the higher ups don’t know the targets of any secret kill lists. Those are EXTREMELY classified and only a select few know who are on those secret missions for security purposes. If liberals are out for blood they need to turn their attention to the CIA. They have committed atrocities against our own citizens.


Matthew Golsteyn, thank you for helping rid this world of vermin. You are to be commended, not tried, for your actions. The next thing the liberals will start doing is arresting people for killing mice and rats.

Art Wentworth

While in prison, Manning transitioned from male to female and Obama commuted her sentence, claiming it was excessive.
No the fool commuted HIS sentence, just because you cut it off doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. Bunch of disgusting idiots, and I am talking about the politicians not the transgenders. God help them, if they can pass for a women we don’t have a clue what gender they are.





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