House Republican Breaks With Party by Calling for Mueller to Tesify on Report and ‘Settle Things’

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) countered his Republican colleagues on Friday, arguing that in order to “settle things,” special counsel Robert Mueller needs to testify before Congress.

While many have laid out elaborate explanations of why Mueller should testify, Hurd broke it down in much simpler terms for CNN host John Berman.

I do believe that this can settle things. We’re talking about a report, one dude’s opinion of a report written by another dude. Let’s have that dude that wrote the report come to Congress and talk about that and people get to ask him questions.

Hurd then argued that in order to identify “disinformation strategy and how to deal with it in the future,” Congress needs to hear Mueller’s testimony.

“You may be the first person who’s ever called Robert Mueller a dude,” Berman responded, in a joking manner.

Watch the video below:

Hurd went on to explain a recently made bipartisan subpoena from House Intelligence Committee demanding “counter-intelligence information that was gleaned as part of the special counsel’s investigation.”

Asked of his thoughts on potential defiance from the Department of Justice, Hurd stopped short of suggesting potential contempt charges for the DOJ, praising the “bipartisan support on trying to get to uncover this information.”

“A part of this is to get a better understanding of what the Russians were trying to do in our elections so that we can prepare for it in the future,” Hurd affirmed.

He also explained that the necessity of this is so “that we can make sure that our intelligence services are doing what they need, in order to collect information to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Hurd is not the only Republican lawmaker to come forward in support of Mueller’s testimony, as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made a complete 180 shift from deeming the special counsel’s investigation as “over” to inviting Mueller last week, to testify “regarding any misrepresentation by the Attorney General.”

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David Keller

As a conservative I hope he testifies. He will absolutely be grilled by the Republicans and that could entirely discredit him. The Dems will once again look stupid and walk away empty handed. So let’s get him on the stand asap.


Don’t think Mueller wants to hear questions from the Republicans about why he never explored where there was collusion between the DNC, Clinton and the Russians.

Hirodr Rodriguez

It’s is necessary for Muller to testify because the democrats are so stupid that they can’t read the report and understand what Muller means by saying that there wasn’t any collusion. And that he found not enough evidence to indict the president. Maybe they need a five grader to read the report for them.


I am waiting for Mueller to testify before Congress and reveal that redacted portions point directly to Hitlery’s misdeeds and need for her prosecution for treason. That would sure get the NoNads panties in a knot.


No, having Mueller testify will not “settle” anything since it will not lead to unseating a duly elected President and will not allow Hillary to then take “her entitled, rightful place as King, Queen and Radicalized Dictator of the United States”. Mueller has written his 448 page novel and those dimwits who cannot read, should have it read to them. The investigation looking for any sort of a crime is over.

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