Barr Warns Lawmakers Making the President ‘An Errand Boy for Congress’ Will Lead to a ‘Divided’ Nation

Erin Scott/File Photo/Reuters

Attorney General William Barr aired his concerns with the Democrats’ targeting of the president in an interview while on a trip to El Salvador, warning that the attacks against President Donald Trump may harm the office of the presidency itself down the line.

In an interview published Monday by the Wall Street Journal, Barr defended the office of the presidency itself, saying that he believed the “rules were changed” to target Trump, blasting the Democrats’ attacks against the president as “damaging” to our nation’s highest office in the future.

“I felt the rules were being changed to hurt Trump,” Barr told the Wall Street Journal. “And I thought it was damaging for the presidency over the long haul.”

The attorney general continued on to laud the Trump administration for having “done what it was supposed to do” by “provid[ing] leadership and direction” when confronted by the different challenges facing them in their tenure.

Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters

He also warned that “destroy[ing]” the office of the presidency would hurt the entire nation down the line.

“At every grave juncture the presidency has done what it is supposed to do, which is to provide leadership and direction. If you destroy the presidency and make it an errand boy for Congress, we’re going to be a much weaker and more divided nation.”

Barr has come under fire by the Democrats in recent weeks for not playing ball with them in their subpoena fight for the unredacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian election interference.

This culminated earlier this month with the House Judiciary Committee — led by chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) — voting to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over the unredacted document.

Some Democrats have also gone as far as to advocate for the arrest of the attorney general.

As IJR Red previously reported, Barr poked fun at Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at an event this month, asking the speaker if she “brought her handcuffs” with her.

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Phyllis Softa

EARTH, to AG Barr: The country can NOT possibly BE MORE DIVIDED. Trump is a virtual Rorshach test. A portion of the country sees the savior to the White race in America. One portion sees the destroyer of the Republican party. One portion sees him of as a means to reshape the SCOTUS to whatever their single issue concern of the day is . One portion sees a man who made promises that he did not believe he would be in a position to be held responsible for keeping. A portion of the country sees the “best” POTUS and a… Read more »


Well we know who is the errand boy here.

Allan Paull

That is what they want.

james Anthony
james Anthony

Remember Senator Harry Reid’s “scorched earth”, and how it came back to bite the Democrats!

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