Woman Shares ‘Before’ Pic Addicted to Heroin. Her ‘Clean’ Photo is an Inspiring Message of Sobriety

Over the past week, harrowing photos of drug overdoses have been surfacing all over the internet in an attempt to show the world the haunting side of addiction.

Most notable is the photo shared by Ohio’s East Liverpool Police Department:

Warning Graphic Content!The city Police department recently responded to a call of an incapacitated driver, attached…

Posted by City of East Liverpool, Ohio on Thursday, September 8, 2016

In response, many took to Facebook to post photos that show their “other side of addiction”: recovery.

Behind every recovery photo is a story, and one Reddit user, who is celebrating 826 days sober, is telling hers:

Image Credit: Reddit/Disregardthisordont

She reveals that an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend resulted in her mother gaining custody of her daughter.

“She [her daughter] is my whole world, so when that happened I fell into a deep depression and leaned to my abusive boyfriend for emotional support. His answer to making me feel better was heroin.”

For eight months she used heroin on a daily basis, despite several “half-a**ed” attempts to get clean. It became too much. She admitted to the judge presiding over her custody case that she needed help.

“He found me in contempt of court and put me in the county jail until he could find me a bed in a rehab. From there I went to the best rehab in my state. Recovery has been an uphill battle, but now I am at a point where it all just feels like a bad dream.”

She explains that she decided to open up about her addiction after uncovering her old mugshot:

“When I found my mugshot I felt so bad for that girl. I wanted to hug her and tell her it will get better. I then realized that girl is still out there somewhere. She isn’t me anymore though.”

If just one person who sees this and decides to get clean because of it then whatever backlash I receive is worth it.”

Reddit has long been a forum for former addicts to post photos of their recovery.


Before and after photos provide an avenue for recovering addicts to both give and receive encouragement.

Inspired by another Redditor, I present to you my sister. 90 Days Meth Free.

So what if you are one of those who — in addition to encouragement — needs help getting to recovery? There are resources out there that can help.

In addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation options, there are recovery and support groups all over the country. There are also apps like Addicaid, which help people in recovery maintain motivation, set goals, and find support groups.

Currently, there are more than 23 million Americans in recovery.

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