Woman Shares a Picture of Gorgeous Engagement Ring, Then Points Out What’s So Wrong With It

It’s not uncommon to scroll through social media and see one or two photos of a woman’s hand with a sparkly new engagement ring on her finger.

And while MacKenzie Adams loves hearing about people falling in love and deciding to spend the rest of their lives together, she says that she also hopes that people are getting engaged for the right reasons, not just for the beautiful ring they get for saying “yes.”

Both women and men amaze me now a days. Taking pictures of their engagement rings, videos to show how shiny they are….

Posted by MacKenzie Adams on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

She expressed her feelings on Facebook, writing, in part:

Marriage isn’t about how much money your other half can throw into a ring. It seems to me rings—that are meant to show a commitment to one another—are being used to show off what others could never even dream about.

Adams continued by saying that a ring shouldn’t be a symbol of money, but rather a symbol of undying love.

She used the older generation as the example:

Look at your great-great grandparents and tell me if they had a several thousand dollar ring on their hand? No. But they had 50 years under their belt. That is something most people can’t dream of anymore. And that is because everyone is so worried about the perception of others. How good can you look as a couple on Instagram, how many likes can you get on your 6 month mark picture with your “better half.”

Some people took offense to Adams’s post. She told Independent Journal Review that she didn’t write the post to knock anyone with a huge engagement ring. But she did want to open up the eyes of a generation that are obsessed with social media.

Adams explained:

“People lose focus on what’s important and what truly makes their lives happy. With most relationships there’s always good and bad. But what I see on my page on a daily basis bothers me. So many young men and women crave attention that so many people said I [sought] because of this post. Social media is almost viewed as a lifestyle now, when people should instead be focused on living their life instead of living in a chair behind technology. People should cherish their love life, work life and social life.”

Adams added on Facebook that the post wasn’t to discourage anyone, but rather to “encourage couples to focus on their relationship,” instead of worrying about what the Facebook world has to say about it.

Don’t fake to the world how ‘perfect’ your relationship is. Work through your problems and listen to each other. Five to 50 years is better than $5 to $50,000 spent on a ring.

There you have it.

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