Woman Who Had Daily Sex with Her Husband for a Year Says It Radically Changed Her Body Image

Brittany Gibbons and her husband Andy’s relationship wasn’t on the rocks, and there was no threat of divorce, but something was not right.

After her third child, she lost confidence in herself and her body. Gibbons covered her body at all times, avoided her husband’s eyes when changing or showering, and shut the lights off during sex.

So, after seeing a friend with a healthy sexual relationship, Gibbons devised a plan. She and Andy would have sex every single day for an entire year and see what happened.

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Posted by Brittany Gibbons on Saturday, March 26, 2016

It was not easy at first.

Some days she just wanted to curl up and watch TV before bed, others she was just flat out exhausted from being a work-from-home mother of three.

As time passed, it became more natural, and the relationship between her and Andy got even better than ever.

Gibbons described the slow changes she saw, in her article in Good Housekeeping:

“But as the months passed, I started looking forward to it. Sex begat more sex, and those connected, loved up feelings began to creep outside of the bedroom — or in our case, the laundry room, the closet and our garage — and into our everyday lives.”

“We were more romantic with each other, touching arms as we passed, kissing longer before work and not just the cold familiar peck. Our relationship was stronger and better when our intimacy was flourishing.”

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Posted by Brittany Gibbons on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Over the course of the year, Gibbons noticed some big changes for herself personally.

After three months, she found that she was truly enjoying sex again. After six months she was no longer ashamed of her curvy body in the bedroom. She was more concerned with enjoying the moment rather than what her body was doing during the act.

Finally, after a year, her confidence in her body, as well as in her relationship with her husband, had changed entirely.

Gibbons was not afraid of being naked in her own room and shrugged off the anxiety of it all. She made school lunches in her underwear and stopped running to the closet after a shower.

Enough isn't said about comfortable. Some people think it's a relationship death sentence or excessively boring. I love…

Posted by Brittany Gibbons on Monday, November 23, 2015

Still, she admits it was not the easiest thing to do, and certainly not “normal” for most relationships:

“The majority of people around you are not having sex every single day. They’re busy being stressed at work, coordinating their kids’ soccer schedules and paying bills.

“Fitting sex into all of that is difficult, but for us, it’s necessary. Sex is what reminds us that we’re intimate partners and not just roommates in charge of keeping kids alive.”

But it definitely helped Gibbons and her husband. And if the worst happens, it has made her more confident enough in herself to know she’d survive:

“Having regular sex with my husband isn’t making my marriage divorce-proof or immune to infidelity or angst, but it is helping me feel confident enough in my skin to survive it if it does happen.”

That shouldn’t be an issue, though. Gibbons says she hopes she stays with Andy “until the end of time.”

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