WATCH: Woman Spews Racist Insults at Hijab-Wearing Woman on NYC Bus

Commuters on a packed New York City bus were witnesses to a woman erupting into a racist tirade against another passenger who was wearing a hijab.

A short video posted to YouTube on Wednesday by the user Nightblade shows a woman, who identifies herself as “Ashley,” yelling racist rhetoric at another woman on the bus who was wearing a hijab. 

Watch the video:

The video shows a packed bus with “Ashley” dancing in her seat and yelling in a sing-song voice, “I am a citizen.”

Seconds later, “Ashley” accuses the unidentified women of flipping her off, leading her into a chant of “Are you mad? Are you mad?” before taunting that the women about allegedly not being a citizen.

“You no citizen, you no citizen. You can’t even speak English,” she said.

The chant is cut off when “Ashley” noticed that she was being filmed by a fellow bus rider.

“Hi, I’m Ashley if you’re taping me,” she yells while waving at the camera. “I’m getting into a fight with some Muslim chick because she has an attitude because she thinks she has rights that she doesn’t have.”

After her impromptu introduction, she returns to taunting the woman by cupping her hand around her mouth and yelling, “Immigration at the door!”

The video ends with “Ashley” making a reference to the women being picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“Oh, wait, is that ICE?” she asked. “Oh, mama, they’re here for you.” 

The person who shot the video told the Gothamist that they recorded the incident on the S53 bus from Bay Ridge to Staten Island. He claimed that shortly after he turned off his camera, the bus driver defused the situation. 

This is the second racist rant video to emerge this week. The first video showed a woman being harassed for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt by a drunk man. That video caused the officer, who ignored the confrontation, to resign.

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