Women’s March Social Media Director Reportedly Quits Over Ties to Anti-Semite Farrakhan

Women’s March Social Media Director Alyssa Klein reportedly left the organization over its ties to Louis Farrakhan.

During a recent speech, Farrakhan, who has a history of anti-semitic comments, called “powerful Jews” his enemy, declared, “white folks are going down,” and claimed to have “pulled a cover off” that Satanic Jew.

The comments largely drew ire not only towards Farrakhan but towards the people who have ties to him, including Women’s March co-president Tamika Mallory, who was in the audience and received a shout out from the controversial speaker.

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Klein repeatedly spoke out against Farrakhan’s speech on Twitter, calling the description of him as anti-Semitic “that simple” and pointing out the “dangerous cycle” his rhetoric creates.

Given the connection between a co-president and Farrakhan, Klein reasoned that it’s completely legitimate to question the organization and its leaders. However, she advised against turning valid concerns into personal attacks.

According to the New York Post, Klein left her position last week, to a slew of supportive messages about her work on Twitter. She’s not the only one to express their displeasure with the organization over Farrakhan, either.

Planned Parenthood reportedly dropped Mallory as a keynote speaker at an upcoming luncheon and Women’s March supporter Nisi Jacobs created a petition to remove Mallory from her position.

“You feel stabbed in the back. It feels like someone you trust just punched you in the gut,” Jacobs told the New York Post. “I’d had enough.”

Yahoo reported Mallory explained she’s been removing herself from the issue to try to see things from an “objective standpoint” and as a leader wants to understand the “underlying issues” people are discussing.

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