Actor Woody Harrelson Says a Dinner With Trump Was So ‘Brutal’ He Had to Smoke Weed to Get Through It

David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

In a new profile of actor Woody Harrelson in the magazine Esquire, the movie star dishes on his life and even his time going to college with Vice President Mike Pence.

But the most fascinating political moment of the interview comes as writer Lili Anolik asks Harrelson about a 2004 dinner with Donald Trump. Harrelson said that he went to the dinner with Trump because he was invited by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

He recalls that the dinner was at Trump Tower in Manhattan and that Melania (who was then the girlfriend of a real estate mogul rather than the first lady) was also in attendance at the event.

But from there, Harrelson gets a bit more colorful, saying that the dinner lasted for two-and-a-half hours and describing it as “brutal.”

He recalls that Trump ate up the conversation for almost the entire night, saying, “It got so bad I had to go outside and burn one before returning to the monologue monopoly,” adding, “I came up through Hollywood, so I’ve seen narcissists. This guy was beyond. It blew my mind.”

Harrelson recalls one interesting statement from the now-president, saying, “He said, ‘You know, I’m worth four billion dollars,’ or maybe he said five billion dollars — one of those numbers, I forget. Anyway, he said, ‘I’m worth however-many billion dollars. But when I die, no matter how much it is, I know my kids are going to fight over it.’ That was the one true statement he made that night.”

President Trump hasn’t been a friend of many movie stars since he’s moved from New York. Robert De Niro is a frequent critic of the president who has made several remarks attacking him. De Niro is, of course, joined by Alec Baldwin who stars as Trump on Saturday Night Live.

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How many times has this nut job been in jail for his dope? Wasn’t his father a graduate of one of the Commiefornia prisons?


I met Woody when he was in Sarasota making a movie.
He was stoned then too.

General Confusion

“I would imagine damn near any political dinner would require getting lit for anyone regardless of personal party affiliation.” Morte206

You are confused.

If that is how it works out for you, then you are doing it wrong. Find better politicians.

General Confusion

I feel for you Woody. I really do.

If I actually won one of King Donald The Loser’s golden tickets and got to have dinner with him, I too would probably want to deal with his confusion by getting lit.


Woodie seems like he’s fishing for attention. Maybe his upcoming Zombieland 2 movie is actually about his adventures among the Left.

Just like Generally Confused/Contused he’s not clear on the fact that he was “high” or confused makes anything he says suspect.

Tell us about being chased by right-wing fruitbats next Woodie.


Well Woody I usually have to burn one just to get through on of your movies.


Who cares?





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