‘The Worst President We’ve Ever Had’: Harry Reid Opens Up on Trump in New Interview

Harry Reid

Former Senate minority leader Harry Reid gave what could be his final thoughts on President Donald Trump in a jarring and candid interview with the New York Times.

Reid, who is currently battling cancer, made a sweeping statement on Trump’s legacy in his executive role.

“I think he is without question the worst president we’ve ever had,” Reid told the New York Times. “We’ve had some bad ones, and there’s not even a close second to him.” The former Nevada senator added that “he’ll lie. He’ll cheat. You can’t reason with him.”

For Reid, it comes down to Trump’s character.

“Trump is an interesting person,” he said. “He is not immoral but is amoral. Amoral is when you shoot someone in the head, it doesn’t make a difference. No conscience.”

Democrats are currently struggling to reason with the president, who has the government in a partial shutdown over a battle on border wall funding. Negotiations are in the works, but Reid believes Trump doesn’t respond to them the same way the usual political does. “You can’t legislate when you have a chief executive who’s weird, for lack of a better description.”

Reid also expressed his disappointment in his former Republican colleagues for letting Trump bully them. “Why in the hell didn’t Sessions leave?” he said, referring to the former attorney general who was recently forced out by Trump after taking almost two years of insults from the president. “Same with Kelly. I’d say, ‘Go screw yourself.’ I could not look my children in the eye.”

Reid held back his bluntness when it came to talking about his former colleagues in the same party. On Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Reid’s, replacement, he said he only occasionally keeps in touch. But his relationship with likely soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is much more solid. “I talk to Nancy often. I love Nancy Pelosi. We did so many good things, and we still talk about that.”

The New York Times reported that because of Reid’s cancer and current condition, he does not have much longer to live. But the reality of his mortality isn’t stopping Reid from being blunt and honest on his thoughts about the current administration.

“I disagree that Trump is a pessimist,” he said. “I think he’s a person who is oblivious to the real world.”


  1. You are entitled to your opinion, but don’t try to speak for all of America. Just enjoy your retirement – we are enjoying not hearing from you – don’t spoil it.

  2. Another has been demoncrap bashing our President. At least he got one thing correct, “Reid believes Trump doesn’t respond to them the same way the usual political does.” President Trump responds in the way a businessman who loves our country would.

  3. I honestly forgot who this crypt keeper looking guy even was why couldn’t he just die with some class? So he wanted just a little more of that attention from the current most popular method bashing trump any trump will do but especially Donald Trump.

  4. I thought Harry Reid had died. Last time I saw him, he had fallen off his treadmill. Why would anyone interview this loon? How can one person be more irrelevant to any political discourse.

  5. They didn’t leave because they don’t want our country to fail in the long run, just so you can be right about how bad Trump is. It’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face. Does anyone think for one minute, that IF Trump was doing a pro-democrat’s agenda right now, that anybody would be whining? You wouldn’t hear a peep about his “supposed” character.

  6. Harry, you were thew best senate leader we ever had. Because of your treasonous behavior in ignoring the 60 vote senate rule, Trump has made great strides for his agenda. I assume the dems thanked you when you changed the rules.

  7. You are just a jealous old egotist that I thought had died long ago. You hold up your religion like a shield then you come out with trash like this. You were the reason nothing was accomplished under obama. You held everything on your desk and laughed and thought you were so cute. Well Mr. Smarmy, I certainly have wondered over all these years why you haven’t had your membership taken away. You are a disgrace to all US Citizens and we “LDS”! UtahGal

  8. “But the reality of his mortality isn’t stopping Reid from being blunt and honest on his thoughts.” I think he has brain mets affecting his thoughts and his memory.

  9. “Why in the hell didn’t Sessions leave?” Harry Reid

    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    1. And a giant government paycheck tends to make your such highly held beliefs disappear and realign to whatever the highest bidders are.

      1. No, the money from their donors is what corrupts politicians, not their own paychecks. A study tracking how politicians vote proved that they voted 1:1 with how their donors wanted them to vote. That means they don’t care at all about us, only their donors. This is why election finance laws must be changed. The new H.R. 1 bill, introduced today, will help address this huge problem a tiny, tiny bit.

      2. If you are concerned about politician pay, then start demanding that their pay be tied to the mean (not the average) of ALL employee wages. That way, if they ever want to get a raise, they have to work on raising wages FOR EVERYONE ELSE first.

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