‘The Civil Rights Movement Has Turned Into the Civil Rights Industry’ — Writer Explains Why He Walked Away From Dems

M. Adrian Norman, the founder of Right of Center Blog, explained in a video why he walked away from the Democratic Party and will “never ever” vote Democrat again.

“The civil rights movement has turned into the civil rights industry,” Norman began.

He spoke about his annoyance that there are political leaders that only want to get re-elected while capitalizing and monetizing on white guilt, saying that “all they do is blame white people.”

He asked how the disparity of income between blacks and whites has gotten worse since the 1950s and ’60s if the Democratic leadership and elected officials say they have Americans’ best interest at heart.

“Why is it the farther we get away from slavery and Jim Crow, that disparity increases rather than contracts?” Norman asked.

Watch Norman’s “Walk Away” Story:

Norman said it doesn’t make sense to sit and blame slavery and the legacy of Jim Crow because the Democrats’ policies don’t make sense.

“Yet they keep asking to be re-elected, and we keep electing them over and over and over again,” he added.

He added that nothing changes or gets better.

Norman said that if racism ended, a lot of people would be out of advocating jobs, adding that Democrats keep these problems going to earn money and get re-elected.

Norman said he came to this realization during the Obama administration after voting for Democrats himself. That’s when he said things “started going sideways.”

“They’re not the party for black people,” Norman said. “They’re not even the party for America.”

Norman said he’s “off that Democrat plantation” and now identifies himself as a conservative.

“Their [Democrat] policies do not work,” Norman said. “[…] Enough is enough.”

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