WV Steps Up to the Plate on Border Security — Wants to Give Millions to Trump’s Proposed Wall

One state is stepping up in defense of the president’s long-pushed campaign promise of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Lawmakers in West Virginia are seeking to provide millions to President Donald Trump’s proposed wall as they plan to introduce legislation that, if approved, will send state money to the federal government for the construction of the border wall.

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Delegates Carl Martin, Patrick Martin, and Caleb Hanna introduced the new legislation that would divert from the state’s $185 million surplus and put $10 million toward the border wall.

West Virginia’s support comes as Trump is seeking $5.7 billion to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as a way to curb illegal immigration and improve border security.

“West Virginians support our president and the wall,” Martin said in a statement. “They’re sick of seeing Washington politicians sit on their hands while drug gangs, human traffickers and other criminals pour over our southern border. It’s time for states to stand up and do what they can to support our president in his fight to protect innocent Americans.”

The West Virginia delegates said rampant drug problem is a pressing issue in their state and is “a problem fueled in part by the trafficking of highly potent, illicit drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border.”

We have been in contact with multiple law enforcement officers and judges about the drug epidemic, and every single one has told us 90 percent of the drugs coming to our state are coming in from Mexico,” Patrick Martin said.

The delegates are currently drafting a proposal to be introduced in the next few days in the state legislature.

This comes as Trump planned to meet with both GOP and Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss the “humanitarian and national security crisis” at the border and reopening the government. However, no Democrats showed up to the White House meeting, as IJR Red reported. The government will remain closed until a deal is worked out.