WV Gov Calls Pelosi’s SOTU Drama the ‘Most Ridiculous Stuff I’ve Ever Seen,’ Offers to Host Speech

Gov. Jim Justice (R-W.Va.) can’t believe the drama that has unfolded around the State of the Union address.

To recap, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked President Donald Trump to delivers the State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol, per his constitutional responsibility. However, as the shutdown continued into record-breaking status, Pelosi rescinded the invitation and asked the president to reschedule.

The speaker’s move spiraled into an escalated feud between her and the White House that included Trump postponing Pelosi’s trip abroad and Pelosi sending yet another letter telling Trump he wasn’t invited to speak from the Capitol until the shutdown ended.

For now, the president has decided to delay the address until Pelosi allows him to speak from the Capitol after the partial shutdown ends.

Justice claimed Pelosi’s behavior was silly, and he offered to host the State of the Union address from the West Virginia Capitol if the president looks for other venues.

Watch the video below:

“President Trump and I are great friends, and I know he’s got his hands full with probably the silliest and most ridiculous stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. This government shutdown is just hurting so many people, and really and truly, I go back to just this: What is he asking for? He’s asking for something that will help all of us — to protect our borders, to keep the bad stuff out. And what is the other side doing? The other side is just hitting back and saying, ‘No, because we don’t like you.'”

Justice claimed the $5.7 billion that Trump has requested for the wall is a “gnat on a dinosaur” in comparison to the national budget. While it isn’t likely that Trump will take him up on the offer to hold the State of the Union from West Virginia, he says the offer still stands.

Justice made headlines in 2017 when he publicly switched parties from Democrat to Republican in order to better align himself with West Virginia’s support of Trump.

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Phyllis Softa

Justice believes $5.7B for a symbol of security may be a “gnat on a dinosaur.” He may believe it makes sense to give the State of Dysfunction address during a record long gvt shutdown. The good people of WV may have been snookered by Trump. But even they do not believe shutting down the gvt to pay for a wall they chanted Mexico would pay for, makes a lick of sense. Justice owns 50 coal mines & doesn’t pay taxes or safety fines so his support for Trump was a given.





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