WWII Vet Hoped for 100 Cards on His 100th Birthday — Emotions Flow as He’s Honored With Surprise from WH

On June 6, a World War II veteran turned 100 years old and wished for 100 birthday cards. Instead, he got way more than asked, plus an extra sweet surprise.

Isaac “Ike” Fabela received more than 50,000 cards and gifts for his birthday, plus one from “the big one” — the White House.


The video shows Fabela overcome with emotion as he opens an envelope with a signed photo of President Donald Trump along with a letter from the president and first lady Melania Trump.

“We hope your heart is filled with joy knowing you have experienced this country’s greatest blessing: the freedom and affection of family and friends over a long, well-lived life,” he read.

“A big, heartfelt thank you does not express the gratitude,” Lolie, one of Fabela’s eight daughters, told Fox News. “I wish I could show everyone how thankful and gracious we are — he is so humbled by all of this.”

Born in 1918, Ike served in WWII from 1944 to 1946 in Germany and Norway. He nearly saw action on D-Day in 1944, which happened to be his birthday, as he was pulled off a boat bound for the Normandy shore at the last minute, Lolie told Fox News.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“When someone calls him a hero, it touches his heart. But he doesn’t feel like he deserves that title. He always says that the young men who didn’t make it back are the heroes,” Lolie said.

Actor Chris Pratt also helped to make Ike’s wish come true:

“He [Ike] is a very humble man and says that he’s never done anything to deserve all this,” Lolie said. “But he has.”

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