Andrew Yang Slams Dems for ‘Acting Like Donald Trump Is the Cause of All of Our Problems’

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is taking a swing at his fellow Democrats.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Yang was asked the meaning of his “not left, not right, forward” slogan, to which he responded, “We have to have a new way forward that works for all Americans, independent of your political affiliation.”

When asked if the Democratic Party has become “too far to the left, too ideological,” Yang answered, “Democrats still have not asked themselves the hard questions as to how Donald Trump won in 2016.”

The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful then said the Democratic Party “unfortunately is acting like Donald Trump is the cause of all of our problems.”

“Where if you look around the country, you see 30% of stores and malls closing. You see record high levels of stress, financial insecurity, student loan debt, even suicides and drug overdoses. […] The Democratic Party, unfortunately, is acting like Donald Trump is the cause of all of our problems. He’s a symptom and we need to cure the underlying disease.”

Watch the video below:

Yang has criticized other 2020 Democrats for “being obsessed over impeachment,” as IJR previously reported.

“We have to stop being obsessed over impeachment, which unfortunately strikes many Americans like a ball game where you know what the score is going to be, and start digging in and solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first place,” Yang said at the 2020 debate on Dec. 19, adding, “We have to take every opportunity to present a new, positive vision for the country, a new way forward, to help beat [Trump] in 2020.”

Yang currently polls in the seventh spot among the 2020 Democratic field, trailing behind Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and ahead of Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.).


  1. A lone voice crying in the wilderness. Too bad no one is listening.

  2. The man is correct. Sadly, Dem leadership appears to be stuck with its head in the sand as regards this matter. They’d rather Yang’s money than his mouth.

  3. HOW much time was spent at the last debate discussing impeachment? Not much. It does not come close to the time Trump spends at his rallies discussing impeachment NOR does it come close to Trump’s tweeting about his impeachment. Trump has refused to debate his primary opponents, so his rallies and tweets are all he is willing to give for comparison. Can you imagine Trump at a debate claiming 129 D’s and 1 Independent impeached not only him, but his supporters???

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