‘You Gotta Give the Devil Its Due’: Bannon Praises DNC’s ‘Ground Game’ in Alabama

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon praised the Democratic National Committee (DNC) after it fought to defeat Roy Moore, Bannon’s chosen candidate, in the Alabama Senate race on Tuesday:

“You gotta give the devil its due,” Bannon told Breitbart News host Alex Marlow on Wednesday. The DNC, Bannon suggested, slipped into the race and performed well on the ground.

“The DNC came in here — slipped in here — underneath the radar and did an amazing job of organizing — what’s my favorite word — ground game,” Bannon said.

He suggested that Democrats outworked Republicans and were able to drive voter turnout.

“I tell people every day, ‘There’s no magic wand, and you’re going to have to outwork people. If you get outworked, you’re going to lose.’ And I gotta tell you that their ability to get out votes, that’s what it comes down to,” Bannon said.

Listen to Bannon’s comments below, via SoundCloud.

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