Young Kim Is About to Become the First Korean-American Congresswoman — But Some Still Aren’t Talking About It


Young Kim is poised to make history by being the first Korean-American congresswoman, yet some are not pointing out the importance of her win.

Kim is almost sure to have beaten opponent Gil Cisneros to represent California’s 39th District. The congresswoman told IJR how grateful she would be to represent the district.

“For me, to represent such a diverse district as an Asian-American, and to think that I would be the first Korean-American woman to serve in Congress, it is historic,” Kim said. “But more than the historic significance of it, I’m just excited that we have an opportunity to elect a female representative who fits this district, who’s worked in this district, who has raised and built a family here.”

Although there are some giving credit to the Republican women who made history, many are leaving out women like Kim, seemingly due to party affiliation.

Many took to Twitter to point out the double standard of some in the media:

Kim emigrated from South Korea in 1975. She is a small business owner who believes in bipartisanship and fairness in dealing with controversial topics.

“I am an immigrant myself. I’m talking about fairness, compassion, and securing the border,” Kim said. “When I talk about fairness, I’m talking about people like me and many others who come here waiting in line for their chance at the American dream. Coming here legally.”

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Rocky Drummond

Issues and policies. If you want to impress me as a voter, I need to know about your policies. I listened to one interview of her and wasn’t all that impressed. Just a typical Republican who happens to be an Asian woman. Yawn…


Ah, the Left/Dims, including the MSM. They trumpet the victories of their “firsts” including women BUT won’t say doodlysquat about the achievements of women or minorities NOT owned by them.

At least they are consistent on this one thing.

Matt Sears

Is it just me or are “journalists” the real racists today? Monduy contributed literally nothing here other than to point out that this woman is Korean… then got mad because no one else is being racist and pointing out that this woman is Korean. So what, she’s Korean. It’s not a big deal. Stop being racist.

Phyllis Softa

If I read 1 more story about poor victimized Republicans, I am going to lose my lunch. Seriously, all 435 House seats were up for election—that is 870 House candidates. 46 US Senate candidates, and over 72 state Governor candidates. Why can you not just have an article praising the accomplishment of Young Kim without the “poor victimized Republican” slant AND without the endorsement of Trump? As in the case with media attention, Trump endorsement does not get you a win either. Buck up!





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