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Charters has been with IJR since 2014. Much of his work is completely original and has been read by millions. Before IJR, Charters was heavily involved in politics at the grassroots level. He lives in Utah with his wife and daughter. When he is n...more

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Trump's Doctor Gets Heat for Physical Exam Results, But Look What Obama's Former Staffer Has to Say
By Justen Charters - 5 hours ago
Dr. Ronny Jackson was straightforward with America on Tuesday.He addressed the rumors of President Donald Trump's struggle to cogn
Trump Jr. Roasts Media Attempting to Corner President's Doctor After Great Report on His Health
By Justen Charters - 7 hours ago
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump's physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, shared a complete report on the commander in chief's health.Rum
It's Not Just Eliza Dushku — Two More Women Come Forward With Disturbing Stories About Joel Kramer
By Justen Charters - 7 hours ago
When Eliza Dushku recently shared her account of an alleged molestation by Hollywood stunt coordinator Joel Kramer at age 12, Kramer r
CNN's Acosta Asks Trump If He Only Wants 'White' Immigrants — Trump Points at Him and Says One Word
By Justen Charters - 9 hours ago
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump met with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. And when it came time for questions from the pr
Hollywood Stunt Coordinator Eliza Dushku Accused of Molesting Her at 12 Claims She Had Crush on Him
By Justen Charters - 11 hours ago
Hollywood actress Eliza Dushku took to Facebook over the weekend to tell a heart-wrenching story.Dushku alleged that stunt coordin
Chelsea Handler Attacks White People on MLK Day, Tells Them 'Don't Speak Today'
By Justen Charters - 12 hours ago
When Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.King said:“I have a dream
Eric Trump Is Attacked for Mentioning Work at St. Jude — Then Mom Who Lost Her Child Defends Him
By Justen Charters - 13 hours ago
On Monday, Eric Trump tweeted about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. His tweet wasn't political in nature, but it still came wit
Police Arrest Parents on Suspicion of Torture After 13 Children Are Found Shackled to Their Beds
By Justen Charters - a day ago
The kind of torture law enforcement allegedly discovered in a home in Perris, California, is heartbreaking beyond belief.On Sunday
CNN's Chris Cuomo Refers to White House Deputy Press Secretary as 'Whatever His Name Is'
By Justen Charters - a day ago
During a segment on CNN on Monday, Chris Cuomo brought up the report from The Washington Post that President Donald Trump referred to
Melania Trump Tweets About Martin Luther King Jr. Day — And Gets Immediately Attacked for It
By Justen Charters - a day ago
When first lady Melania Trump tweeted about Martin Luther King Jr. Day, some people couldn't put their politics aside.She tweeted:
Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Scorches Chelsea Manning After Senate Run Announcement
By Justen Charters - a day ago
Over the weekend, Chelsea Manning — an incredibly controversial figure — announced her run for Senate. No, it's not a joke.Manning
Jim Carrey Says Hawaii Alert Is 'Psychic Warning' About GOP Bringing Suffering Beyond Imagination
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
The false ballistic missile alert that went off in Hawaii on Saturday made for one hectic day.While everything is fine in Hawaii,
Golden Globe-Winning Actress Blames False Hawaii Missile Alert on President Trump — Yes, Really
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
On Saturday, an inbound ballistic missile alert hit Hawaii. At first, the people on the island were under the impression that it was n
Socialism at Its Worst: Venezuelans Chase Cow in Field and Beat It to Death With Rocks and Sticks
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
It's no secret that people in Venezuela are suffering on a staggering scale. Food prices are through the roof, and people are trading
Hawaii Issued Emergency Alert for 'Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound' — Turns Out to Be False Alarm
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
Saturday didn't get off to a smooth start for the 1.4 million people living in Hawaii. What happened?The emergency alert system no
Hollywood Actress Shares Story of Being Molested Filming 'True Lies' at 12 in Heart-Breaking Detail
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
“True Lies,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was one of the most popular movies of 1994.A lesser known cast member at the time — E
Tom Brokaw Takes Shots at Top Republican Senators Who Said Trump Didn't Say 'Sh*thole'
By Justen Charters - 3 days ago
President Donald Trump denies he said “sh*thole” in a meeting regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with
President Trump's Physical Exam Results Are In — People Are Going to Be Pissed
By Justen Charters - 4 days ago
In January, President Donald Trump's health has been a popular topic. It gained even more traction when Michael Wolff claimed that eve
MSNBC Deletes Tweet After Misreporting Reason US Ambassador to Panama Resigned
By Justen Charters - 4 days ago
After The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump referred to countries as “s**thole(s),” MSNBC missed the mark big-time
A Millennial Just Won $451 Million Lottery Jackpot — How He Plans to Use the Money Is a Breath of Fresh Air
By Justen Charters - 4 days ago
20-year-old Shane Missler bought the winning lottery ticket for a $451 million jackpot earlier in January. He went forward to claim hi
Jake Tapper Reveals What Trump Reportedly Really Said and Didn't Say About 'S**thole Countries'
By Justen Charters - 4 days ago
The controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's alleged comments about Haiti and African countries during an immigration meeting
Dem. Rep Goes Nuclear Over Report Trump Said 'S**thole Countries' — Says President Could Lead KKK
By Justen Charters - 5 days ago
President Donald Trump hit back against a report he said “s**thole countries” in a meeting discussing DACA on Thursday.In response
John Legend Claims Trump Is a 'Racist' After 'Sh*thole' Report — But Then Fans Call Him Out
By Justen Charters - 5 days ago
Grammy-winning singer John Legend is one of President Donald Trump's biggest celebrity critics.From making casting calls for out-o
Trump Responds to 'S**thole Countries' Controversy, Says It Was 'Made up by Dems'
By Justen Charters - 5 days ago
On Thursday, a report in The Washington Post alleged President Donald Trump made disparaging comments about immigrants from developing