Published: March 28, 2022 | Updated: March 31, 2022
NATO Member Turkey Breaks with Biden, Refuses to Cut Off Russia
CORRECTION, March 31, 2022: An earlier version of this article included an incorrect reference to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Published: March 22, 2022 | Updated: March 22, 2022
Bill to End Daylight Savings Time in Danger as House Members Consider Keeping WWI Relic
CORRECTION, March 21, 2022: An earlier version of this article included an incorrect description of this legislation. It would make daylight saving time permanent.

Published: March 14, 2022 | Updated: March 14, 2022
Jussie Smollett Reportedly Placed in Psych Ward After Being Deemed 'At Risk of Self-Harm'
CORRECTION, March 14, 2022: An earlier version of this article included an incorrect period for Smollett's sentence. He received 30 months of felony probation and 150 days of jail time.

Published: March 7, 2022 | Updated: March 12, 2022
Dog Falls into Volcanic Fissure, Gets Stranded for Two Days: Local Adventurer Risks Life to Save Her
CORRECTION, March 9, 2022: An earlier version of this article included an incorrect reference to the location of the Kilauea volcano. We regret the error.

Published: March 5, 2022 | Updated: March 11, 2022
Professor Joe? Biden Says He Enjoyed His Time as an Ivy League Professor - He Never Taught a Single Class
CORRECTION, Mar. 5, 2022: This commentary originally stated that Joe Biden is one of 46 men to have held the presidency. He is one of 45, and we have corrected the number and added a parenthetical explanation.

Published: February 28, 2022 | Updated: March 1, 2022
Top EU Chief Vows Member States Will Soon Supply Fighter Jets to Soar Over Ukraine
UPDATE. March 1, 2022: After this story was published, it became clear that European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrel might have spoken prematurely at a news conference on Sunday. According to a Newsweek report Tuesday, only three EU nations -- Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia -- are believed to have the kind of Russian-made fighter jets Ukraine's pilots could use without extensive retraining. All three nations have said they will not provide the aircraft to Ukraine.

Published: February 25, 2022 | Updated: February 28, 2022
Defiant Ukrainian Guards Tell Russian Warship 'Go F*** Yourself,' It Ends Up Being Their Final Words
UPDATE, Feb. 28, 2022: The Ukraine government announced Monday that the border guards on Snake Island had been captured, not killed. "We are very happy to learn that our brothers are alive and well with them!" the Ukraine navy said in a Facebook post.

Published: February 24, 2022 | Updated: February 24, 2022
Prosecutors in Trump Criminal Probe Resign, Case Could Be Tossed
UPDATE, Feb. 23, 2022:The initial breaking report for this story claimed that the resignation of these two prosecutors indicated that the Trump probe could be dismissed. However, since that time, the New York DA's office has issued a statement to the New York Daily News, confirming the fraud investigation is ongoing. This statement has been included in this updated article.

Published: February 18, 2022 | Updated: February 22, 2022
Damage Control Fails: Former Clinton Attorney Mocked for Saying Durham Allegations Purely 'Political'
CORRECTION, Feb. 22, 2022: The Western Journal removed three tweets from this commentary -- from Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington, Republican National Committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel and GOP Rapid Response Director Tommy Pigott -- all of whom mischaracterized the nature of the allegations made in Durham's Feb. 11 court filing. That filing did not, in fact, allege that Hillary Clinton or her campaign paid technology experts to "hack" or "infiltrate" Trump's computers, despite numerous reports to the contrary. We also removed a short YouTube video of Michael Sussmann discussing cyber security, which was not relevant to this commentary and appears to have been embedded in error. Finally, we corrected several instances of Sussmann's name having been misspelled; for this last, we apologize to Mr. Sussmann.

Published: February 13, 2022 | Updated: February 24, 2022
[RETRACTED] Durham Report: Hillary Campaign Lawyers Paid Techs to 'Infiltrate' Servers at Trump Tower, White House
RETRACTION, Feb. 23, 2022: The Western Journal has retracted this commentary because it was based on a misunderstanding of the contents of the Feb. 11 court filling by special counsel John Durham's office and on quotations from others who mischaracterized the information contained in that filing. The document did not allege that Hillary Clinton or her campaign paid anyone to hack or "infiltrate" computer servers, as our headline and commentary claimed. It also provides no foundation for the claims made by Kash Patel and Donald Trump and quoted in this piece. The commentary remains here as originally published, except that we have corrected the spelling of Michael Sussmann's last name, which was incorrect throughout the piece. We apologize to Mr. Sussmann for that error.

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