Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Planning To Host Fundraiser for Liz Cheney

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) will be hosting a fundraiser for  Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) amid criticism from Republicans over her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

The fundraiser will be held on March 25 in Alexandria, Virginia, as first reported by Politico. The suggested contributions are $5,800 to co-host and $2,900 to attend.

Cheney was one of the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach the former president, as IJR reported.

Some Republican lawmakers sought to remove Cheney from her leadership position as the party’s No. 3 in the House.

Other Republicans voiced their support for Cheney, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), as IJR reported.

“I believe [Rep. Liz Cheney] is one of the strongest and most reliable conservative voices in the Republican Party. She is a fiscal and social conservative, and no one works harder to ensure that our military is well prepared,” Graham wrote on Twitter last month.

He added, “Liz knows that a strong America is a safe America. She believes we must confront radical Islam and take the fight to them to ensure there are no more 9/11’s. In the eyes of many – Liz Cheney’s experience, leadership, and strength are invaluable to the Republican Party.”

Republicans chose not to remove Cheney from her position by a vote of 145-6.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) congratulated Cheney, “I want to congratulate Liz Cheney on a landslide victory – it must be very satisfying to her and it was a great win.”

Cheney later told reporters she does not believe Trump “should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country.”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) responded to Cheney’s remarks, “Yesterday, Liz forfeited her right to be chair of the Republican conference. You cannot stand up and make a statement that is so out of step with the Republican conference and where the American people, who support President Trump, are.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) took aim at Cheney during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“Speaking of people who ought to lose primaries…if Liz Cheney were on this stage today, she’d get booed off of it,” Gaetz said.


  1. Liz Cheney made a decision. Does she wish to be FOREVER remembered as an American Congresswoman that believed INCITEMENT OF INSURRECTION is NOT an impeachable offense? She made a decision NOT in agreement with 197 of her REPUBLICAN colleagues and 43 of REPUBLICAN Senators. If she loses her seat, she will no longer be associated with those 197 House members or 43 Senators. HOW is THAT a bad thing? A 2 year term vs. a lifetime in the history books as anti-democracy and anti-law and order.

    1. How come Dems are lock step? Your tune would be different if the shoes were on alternate feet

      1. She is a true Republican who knows right from wrong. We still have freedom of speech. Find another name for your King Trump party because those who follow that dictator are NOT Republicans.

  2. Lying Ryan can do everything financially that he can, the conservative Republicans in Wyoming are hot and Chaney screwed any future she may have had by turning on Trump. As the immortal Bugs Bunny said “What an ULTRA MOROOOON”!

  3. Would you expect anything different from one traitor to another?

    And that is why it’s called the swamp.
    Elitists who actually believe they are better than us.
    Well ms.Cheney will find out next primary.

    1. “And that is why it’s called the swamp.” Tony

      No, it isn’t, Tony. You are confused. This is just one (ex)politician helping another politician. Nothing swampish about THAT.

          1. Wake up. Gillebrandt and the Dem femmies went after him. Was you on here praising Gillebrandt?

          2. You STILL can’t make sense, Mac. You are making no connection between Franken and traitors/elitists/swamp, in Tony’s comment. You are confused, again.

            And, sorry to disappoint you, but I was never a Gillibrand fan.

    2. It’s interesting that you use the word “Elitist” since the definition fits Rump totally. Care to share with me what Rump has done for the common, blue collar worker?? I doubt his HUGE tax cuts to the elitist wealthy helped them at all.

  4. Perhaps this is the real “third party” genesis: the inscrutable RINOs. Good luck getting elected to anything, you guys.

    1. Garry: maybe it would help a lot of American Fascist politicians and you voters if the party had a playbook, so that everyone understood who was who.

      As it is now, it is just a confusing mess. From a distance, you guys CLEARLY don’t know what the f__k you want and I bet a lot of politicians don’t know that, either. It would help both of you.

        1. No, Mac, the “lefties” are not trying to “suppress speech” no matter how many times you try to convince yourself of that. The right-wingers who just LOVE victim-pron, however, do. Almost as much as they love cancel culture.

          1. Again wake up. All those so called wokies shouting down speakers on college campus. MoveOn org shuts down a Trump rally in Chicago 2016. Loonies attacking folks wearing red maga hats. You lefty loon goons are so infantile

          2. That isn’t how it works, Mac. Groups such as Charlie Kurk’s Turning Point USA takes in big bucks so that they can stage “suppressed speech” protests over being cancelled. It’s all fake outrage, so that they can keep the money rolling in, and you obviously fell for it. Sucker.

    2. Do you think Trumpers will get elected? Trumpers will never win another election because of his actions in his last month as President. The people spoke and they ditched him.

      1. President Who? may be locked out, but people who run using his so-called “platform” may be with us for a very long time. This is something that voters are going to have to be wary of for the rest of our lives, at least, if the longevity of Christian nationalism and white nationalism are any indicators of the future.

      2. Maybe because there was no proper tracing of all those mail ins and some states counting votes 3 days and up to a week after the election. Stinky election

        1. Mac….I have NEVER seen an election that was investigated more than the 2020 election. Votes were counted 3 or 4 times and sometimes it was a larger loss for Trump!
          The states that Trump won were fine though, you guys didn’t complain about those. Deep red states were turned blue, the people spoke, Trump got trounced in electoral votes AND popular votes, unlike the 2016 election where he only lost the popular vote. Do you remember that????

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