Graham Weighs in on Biden’s First Press Conference

President Joe Biden’s first press conference is in the books, and Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) review of his performance is not good.

In a tweet, Graham said, “With all due respect, this press conference is hard to watch. The misinformation being given by President Biden on immigration is stunning.”

“It’s clear he does not have the situational awareness he needs to understand what is going on at the border or how to fix it,” he added.

He went on to claim that former President Donald Trump’s policies “created dramatic decreases in illegal immigration,” while Biden’s have “created a virtual human tsunami.”

During his press conference, Biden denied that his policies have led to a surge in immigration, as IJR reported.

Biden also said he would “make no apology” for rolling back Trump’s policies which he claimed “were not helping at all.”

“Rolling back the policies of ‘Remain in Mexico,’ sitting on the edge of the Rio Grande in a muddy circumstance with not enough to eat? I make no apologies for that,” Biden said.

He continued, “I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became president that have an incredibly negative impact on the law — international law — as well as on human dignity. And so I make no apologies for that.”


  1. The American people were defrauded in this election that ended up with the DEMS hiding their guy in a basement and avoiding the obvious conclusion that his mental capacities were not acceptable for this kind of job. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. They cannot cover up the obvious.

  2. Clearly he is not competent. Don’t forget, we are talking about the leader of the free world. These people who are propping him up are guilty of elder abuse IMHO.

  3. Jayjay – you, sir, are an idiot!! You probably voted for Bumbling Beijing Biden and Communist Komrade Kamala. You are blind to reality!

    1. Wow Wally…I know you are but what am I?? Lol I thought I’d respond in like since your shading of me was so infantile. I suggest you try and have an adult debate rather than being a child. Adult discourse can be quite enjoyable.

  4. Poor Senator Graham. He STILL acts surprised that the democrats have NO grasp on reality, rationality or common sense. Biden thinks the problem of illegal immigration is OUR (the United States) fault because we haven’t sent enough MONEY to Mexico to FIX their economy so Mexicans wouldn’t WANT to come to the US. If that isn’t the dumbest, craziest, irrational, twisted, illogical reasoning you have EVER heard, you must live in psyche ward. First of all, we need to be concentrating on fixing OUR economy and getting OUR citizens back to work, which is what Trump was concentrating on and was making tremendous strides in correcting up until the pandemic hit. Second, throwing money at Mexico won’t necessarily help their economy because we would have absolutely NO say in how that money would be spent, and I would bet my right arm it wouldn’t be spent on improving their economy. Third, if by some act of God, we did send them money, and it DID fix their economy, the flow of illegals into this country wouldn’t stop because that’s not the only reason they are coming here. They are coming here for the free handouts, and they are NEVER going to get that in Mexico. I used to think we should just let the Democrats have their way and do what they want to do. Then, when it fails, they will see the error of their logic, and that would end the arguments. That kind of thinking on my part has done a 180 over the past five years. I’ve observed time and time again that the Democrats are not CAPABLE of seeing the error of their ways. When they fail, it is NOT their fault. They pass the buck. There is NO accountability. You can’t work with that. You cannot rationalize with irrational people. That is why Trump was elected, and that is why it will happen again and again.

  5. Taking out the influence of the Covid pandemic on the equation of illegal migration, there was no lessening under Trump. Graham is a lying, flip flopping and self serving POS!!

    1. You should check the ACTUAL statistics before making statements like that. Makes you look ignorant.

    2. PROVE your idiotic statement, jaybow. “self serving POS!!” pretty much describes YOU.

  6. Sen. Graham’s comments are spot on!
    HOWEVER, the TOTAL RESULT of ANYTHING Graham SAYS is the production of a tiny amount of HOT AIR – CERTAINLY NO ACTION.

    Graham may well be Biden’s long missing out of wedlock half brother! The two of them have been in the Senate a long time, accomplishing about the same amount of good work – ZERO!

  7. His first duty is to our Constitution, not to international law, and people do not need to sit on the muddy banks of the Rio Grande. They can go back where they came from. If they make the choice to sit there with nothing to eat, more power to them. But if they are stupid enough to do that instead of going back home, then they’re not the brightest bulbs in the bunch anyway, which is just another reason not to let them in. He makes it sound as if either the US lets them in or they will die, when those are not the only two options. They could stay home to begin with, they could apply for citizenship in one of the several countries they travelled thru in order to get to our border, or they can travel back home the way they came. His reasoning is ridiculously flawed, but of course what does one expect from a liberal? If there is a humanitarian crisis, it’s of their own making, with the encouragement of this stupid administration, and it’s within their own power to remove themselves from that crisis by simply turning around and going back home. This is precisely what the Dems wanted. they needed people to flood the borders so they could claim there’s a humanitarian crisis and that we must let everyone in so they don’t die. They accomplished flooding the border and now here we go with the humanitarian crisis gig. People aren’t’ buying it anymore Joe. The Dems have pulled this punch one too many times. Tell them all to turn around and go home, or stay in Mexico and play in the mud.

    1. It’s ALL about votes for DemocRATs to stay in power and line their pockets!

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