Flynn's Resignation Was Prompted By Leaks Of Classified Intel To The Press. That's A Major Problem.

| FEB 14, 2017 | 7:09 PM
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I see the Democrats and some Republicans in Congress are hyperventilating today over retired Lt. Gen Mike Flynn as he resigned his National Security Advisor position yesterday. I for one am pleased to see the resignation as Flynn’s situation had become a major distraction for the Trump Administration.

We are now learning President Trump decided to ask for Flynn’s resignation last night due to his loss of trust in his National Security Advisor. Flynn’s resignation also shows that he at least had the integrity to take responsibility and step down even though he is one of the closest supporters of the President in a high-level position.

Unfortunately, America lost a highly qualified outsider who really understands the Islamic Jihad enemy we face and was willing to disrupt the bureaucracy in order to defeat that enemy. I am confident President Trump will replace him with someone as capable.

My greatest concern is why media and folks in Congress are not more worried about the illegal leaks of classified information from the intelligence community that resulted in Flynn’s situation.

Finally and just as important, why are they not covering and extremely worried about the capture of the three Islamic spies who ran the House and Senate Intelligence committees IT operation? These men had access to all classified information, which they obviously used against America, more than likely resulting in the deaths of Americans in wartime operations.

The so-called leaders in Washington D.C. need to get their own house in order and put the safety and security of the American people first, before their re-election or in the case of the media, their company’s profits. The intelligence personnel leaking this information need to be found and fired as soon as possible before more of our citizen’s die in this war.

We are not amused at the highly politicized intelligence community operatives who are obviously being aided and abetted by political appointees and the enemies of freedom in the worldwide Islamic Jihad movement.

I call for an independent investigation of these leaks, including the congressional intelligence committee spies. As the Democrats in the Congress said, this issue is about America’s national security, not a partisan issue. They and their cohorts on the GOP side need to stop scapegoating Flynn and call for an independent investigation because the greatest threat to us is in their house and the intelligence community, not the White House. They need to move fast, lives are at stake.

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