11 Shootings from Last Month Have 1 Thing in Common, And Democrats Hate It


Eleven shootings from the past month all have one thing in common — and that one thing has Democrats fuming.

Three of these shootings occurred just last week, two on Friday and one on July 25.

The 11 Shootings

On July 25, a Virginia man fatally shot an intruder attempting to kick down his door. Then, on Friday, two more shootings occurred.

In the morning, a man was shot in Washington after making several threats against his girlfriend and then attempting to break into the house she was staying at. Later that night, 4 to 5 carjackers — at least one of them armed with a handgun — accosted a woman. She then proceeded to pull out her own handgun, shooting one carjacker while the others fled the scene.

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Eight other shootings — each of them sharing one thing in common — occurred throughout the month.

  • July 24: An intruder was shot dead by a homeowner in Ohio.
  • July 22: A man attempted to rob a store clerk in Texas at knifepoint. The clerk then pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times.
  • July 19: One man broke into multiple Mississippi homes in one neighborhood, assaulting at least four different households. He was then shot by a responsible gun owner while attempting to run over someone with his vehicle.
  • July 17: In Indiana, a man neutralized a mass shooter from 40 yards away with his personal handgun.
  • July 11: An Afghanistan veteran in Georgia defended his home against four armed attackers using an AR-15-style weapon. Also on this day, in Texas, two teen suspects attempted to rob a family vehicle while two infants were in the backseat. Fearing for his family’s safety, the father shot and struck both suspects.
  • July 9: After a man shot and killed one Milwaukee security guard, another returned fire, killing the assailant.
  • July 7: Three men, at least one of them armed with a handgun, invaded a Florida man’s home. The man then grabbed an AK-47-style gun, fired at the intruders and fended them off.

Have you noticed the commonality between all of these shootings? That’s right — in every one of these situations, a gun was used in self-defense. Each of these shootings proves that a good guy with a gun can save the day.

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Americans Believe in Self-Defense

Americans shouldn’t depend on the police or any other government official to come and save them — they should be prepared to defend themselves.

A July poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group found that the largest share of voters — 41.8 percent — believe that “armed citizens” are most able to protect them from mass shootings.

This is why conservatives vehemently oppose most gun-control policies, not because they’re being paid off by the NRA and gun manufacturers, but because an armed citizenry keeps us safe.

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The Stats Prove the Importance of Self-Defense

The stats back up both the importance of self-defense and the over-exaggeration of America’s so-called “gun problem.”

According to the Pew Research Center, there were roughly 45,000 U.S. gun deaths in 2020. Over half of those (54 percent) were suicides and another 3 percent were “gun deaths that are unintentional, involved law enforcement or had undetermined circumstances.” This leaves 43 percent of those 45,000 — approximately 19,350 deaths — as gun homicides.

For perspective, an estimated 95,00 people die from alcohol-related causes per year. A whopping 480,000 die from smoking and tobacco use, with 41,000 of those deaths being from second-hand smoking. But don’t expect to see Democrats push for a ban on drinking and smoking, even though it would make more sense than banning guns.

Compared to these numbers, 19,350 gun homicides is a drop in the bucket. But even then, eliminating guns doesn’t merely erase gun murders, it also erases self-defense incidents

While it can be hard to track self-defense incidents, one study from 1992 places the annual number between 500,000 and 2.8 million incidents, according to American Gun Facts. Even more conservative estimates place the number around 65,000 per year, far above the total number of gun deaths in America.

And yet Democrats insist on limiting and impeding law-abiding citizens’ access to firearms.

Americans want to defend themselves and their families. They need and deserve to have their right to self-defense protected.

But, unfortunately, that’s something most gun-hating politicians will never understand.

Because, unlike Nanci Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, most Americans don’t have armed security escorts provided by taxpayer dollars.

Instead, they have to arm themselves.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

CORRECTION, Aug. 5, 2022: A sentence reading “This is why conservatives vehemently propose most gun-control policies, not because they’re being paid off by the NRA and gun manufacturers, but because an armed citizenry keeps us safe” has been changed to read “This is why conservatives vehemently oppose most gun-control policies, not because they’re being paid off by the NRA and gun manufacturers, but because an armed citizenry keeps us safe,” which was what was originally meant but is, obviously, the opposite of what we wrote.

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