18 Million Views: 'One-in-a-Million Occurrence' Caught on Camera in Alaska - 'Dude, You've Got to Watch it for Yourself!'


A Ring camera caught the footage of a lifetime when it recorded some wildlife leaving a present for Alaska residents Tyra Bogert and her husband.

This video, which has garnered more than 18 million views on TikTok between the original posting by Bogert and one shared by her brother in law, depicts a hyper-rare occurrence: a moose shedding both his antlers simultaneously.

As Bogert later said, you’ve got to watch it for yourself:

@tyrabogert Moose dropping antlers at my house! #moose#antler#shedding #scaredtheshitoutofhim ♬ original sound – Tyra Bogert

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The video, captioned “Moose dropping antlers at my house!”, shows a large male moose lazing around in front of the Bogert home. After about 30 seconds of relative still and quiet, the moose takes a few seconds to shake his whole body.

Then his antlers pop off. Both of them — at the same time.

The antlers clatter to the ground, hitting the snow loudly.

The animal, clearly spooked by the fact that two body parts just fell off his own head, jumps and then bolts.

Did you know moose shed their antlers?

It’s hard to blame him. The poor guy just wanted to have a shake in peace.

Bogert couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her husband, Chance, called her to see who was at the door (Chance presumably also received a Ring notification), according to TODAY.

“I’m like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to watch it for yourself!” Bogert recounted to TODAY. “You’ll be so surprised. I don’t want to ruin it.'”

Moose shed their antlers “sometime in the mid-winter following the conclusion of the breeding cycle,” according to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

The Bogerts then posted a follow-up video showing Chance collecting the antlers, which measured about 50 inches across according to The New York Post.

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@tyrabogert Replying to @anicole0827 part 2!! #alaska#moose#bullmoose ♬ original sound – Tyra Bogert

The couple reportedly said that they’d mount the antlers from the “one-in-am-million occurrence” on one of their walls, which will keep the memory alive for a good long while.

It’s also possibly one of the easiest trophy mounts of all time.

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