Over 200 Dems Side with GOP Against Biden's Crackdown on Hunting and Archery


The radical progressives don’t just want your guns. They want your bows and arrows. If they get their way, they’ll end up creating an environmental catastrophe and, along the way, dumb down American youth to the point where the notion of self-reliance is but a dream.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. On Tuesday, the House voted to approve a bill that overturned the Biden administration’s decision to cut off federal funds from school shooting sports courses, according to Fox News.

Only one lawmaker, Democrat Representative Veronica Escobar out of Texas, voted against the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act. The remainder of the House votes, all 424 of them, voted in favor of the act.

That’s 424-1 in favor of the legislation. The House is narrowly controlled by the Republicans by a mere 10 seats. Just when you’d lost hope that Republicans and Democrats could agree on much of anything, they have an overwhelming agreement.

Why this issue?

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In July, the Education Department informed education groups that hunting and archery programs in schools would be stripped of federal funding. “The guidance explained that the administration interpreted the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) to mean such programs can no longer receive taxpayer funds,” according to Fox.

Because archery, hunter education, and wilderness safety courses use weapons that are “technically dangerous,” the fount of stupidity called the Education Department concluded that the programs “may not be funded.” They backed their “reasoning” with a tendentious reading of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the primary source of federal aid for elementary and secondary education.

The BSCA was promoted to make “safer, more inclusive and positive” schools after a series of mass shootings, including the 2022 massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas. Whenever you hear “safer, more inclusive and positive” beware: It’s a Marxist dog whistle.

Lawrence Keane, the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s senior vice president, was quick to fire back. In July, he said, “The Department of Education and Secretary Cardona are blatantly misconstruing the law to withhold funding from schools that choose to teach beneficial courses like hunter safety and archery.”

Is Biden the most radical president in recent history?

“Congress must hold Secretary Cardona and the department accountable for violating the letter and spirit of the law to unilaterally deny America’s students access to these valuable programs as part of the Administration’s continued attacks on the Second Amendment,” Keane added.

Maybe the Ship of Fools called the Biden administration concocted the idea that if you don’t teach a bunch of deplorable redneck kids how to shoot guns and bows in school, they’ll just give up on hunting in a few years. No matter the hunting tradition has been handed down by their fathers and grandfathers. You could even say that hunting is more than a tradition, it’s an instinct developed in humans over millennia.

In a way, it’s the same as the rewriting of history that Marxists are so fond of. Teach kids that America is despicable beyond redemption, and in a generation or two, they’ll believe it. Don’t teach kids how to shoot guns and bows, and in a few generations, they’ll placidly sit down to eat insect burgers with other system-produced zombies.

In August, GOP Rep. Mark Green of Tennessee introduced the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education bill days after he heard the Department of Education was withholding funds for hunting and archery courses.

“Hunters and fishers are the best conservationists,” Green said after Tuesday’s vote. “Hunting, whether it be with a firearm or bow, is one of the most effective ways to control wildlife populations, protect our beautiful lands, and connect with nature. My Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act is critical for our children.”

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Green stated that the Biden administration’s funding decision impacts an estimated 50,000 students in his state alone.

The President of the National Archery in the Schools Program Tommy Floyd maintained his organization has around 1.3 million students from nearly 9,000 schools across 49 states who participate in archery courses. That’s archery alone.

Hunting is part of the natural process, and it has been since the very earliest days of life on planet Earth. As the apex predator, humans play a key role in the process. If, suddenly, hunting ceased, it would upset the natural balance and spur havoc.

According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, “Man has hunted since he walked the Earth. Every early culture relied on hunting for survival. Through hunting, man forged a connection with the land and learned quickly that stewardship of the land went hand-in-hand with maintaining wildlife — and their own way of life.”

That’s the thing about Marxists like those in the Biden regime. They don’t want people painting their own way of life. They want Americans to serve them. It’s tough to get compliance when so many of the citizens know how to shoot.

Hunting is not only beneficial to humans. According to RMEF, “The goal of wildlife regulations nationwide is to allow hunters and anglers the opportunity to connect with the land while enjoying the world’s renewable resources in a way that also provides for the continued survival of those species long into the future.”

The whole point of hunting is that it’s regulated to protect species from being hunted into extinction or allowed to overpopulate to the point of starvation of animals and the spread of disease.

After Tuesday’s vote, GOP Texas Sen. John Cornyn said, “The Biden administration’s misinterpretation of these provisions has jeopardized educational enrichment programs like hunting and archery, which play a critical role in our next generation’s development and well-being,” according to Fox.

Democrats don’t like the idea of self-reliance because it undercuts their authority. But when you start talking about subjecting school kids to what amounts to a blockheaded end-around attempt at a gun grab, they know it’s a bridge too far. Anybody caught trying to cross it is committing political suicide.

It’d be like playing Russian roulette with a full clip.

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