Abby Johnson: I Dared to Talk About My COVID Experience, And Then the Hate Poured In


This last month my entire family, all ten of us, contracted COVID-19. I got it from a vaccinated individual during a work event and well, when you have ten people living in the same house, sickness usually spreads fast.

I was able to get a hold of America’s Frontline Doctors, who prescribed a combination of vitamins and medications, including ivermectin, which helped us immensely. None of us were sick long thanks to the regiment of medications, time outside in direct sunlight and IV fluids.

I talked about my experience on Twitter, and while I’m more than used to hateful messages and comments, the vitriol I received was unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Why? Because I dared to talk about my own experience with COVID. My experience.

I didn’t claim to be a doctor because I’m not. I didn’t claim this was the end-all treatment for COVID and everyone must do it. I didn’t demand everyone do the same exact thing that worked for my family. I shared the truth of what happened, and because it’s not the “truth” others support, I was vilified.

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This “sharing your truth” nonsense isn’t confined to COVID, although the censorship I’ve found around proven methods that lessen symptoms of the virus is unreal and suspect, to say the least.

They said, “No, you need to shut up about your experience because you’re not talking about COVID the way we want you to talk about it. You’re not talking about vaccines. You’re talking about pseudoscience.”

Here’s the thing: Everyone has an opinion. We all have one, and for the most part, everyone loves sharing theirs. What you don’t have the right to tell me is that my experience is nonsense because it doesn’t follow your own “truth” and opinions.

The entire Shout Your Abortion movement is centered on this very fact — that only those women who have no regrets about their abortions are allowed to shout them.

Do you think people are afraid to share their experiences with COVID on social media?

Women whose abortions were hurtful or who are suffering long-term effects of the abortion aren’t welcome to share theirs. Women who suffered immensely during their abortion or regret it? They aren’t welcome either.

What about their experiences? What about the mental, physical and emotional consequences they experienced from their abortion? Nope, they aren’t welcome because their “truth” isn’t welcome in the movement that wants to normalize a completely unnatural procedure for women.

Social media has exasperated an already fragile search for truth. People can say whatever they want, and bias abounds.

It’s important to remember that the real, unmoveable truth does exist and has always existed. Faith in Jesus Christ, who is Truth himself, has always been, is now and will always be. It’s through both faith and reason that truth is discovered. But knowing the truth does not always mean it will be followed.

Most people know that abortion ends the life of a growing human being. That truth does not change the opinion of an adamant pro-choice individual very often.

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There are a lot of things we know to be true but because of our fallen nature, choose to turn our backs on them. I truly wish we were as offended by sin as we are about literally everything else that doesn’t matter.

I don’t believe things are going to get any easier when it comes to boldly proclaiming the real truth or even our own experiences. Our culture is completely turned upside down and I don’t think would recognize the truth if it was slapped in the face with it.

But it doesn’t mean I won’t stop sharing my own experiences, sharing the truth and encouraging others to be voices for what is right.

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