‘Nip It in the Bud’: Stacey Abrams Says There Is an ‘Authoritarian Nature’ of Trump

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) says she sees an authoritarian trend in President Donald Trump, and is calling on Americans to “nip it in the bud if we want democracy to continue here.”

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday, Abrams was asked about her claim that the U.S. is inching toward an authoritarian regime.

“I said that we’re on the path toward populist authoritarianism,” Abrams said.

She continued to cite actions taken by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to compare to Trump’s actions:

“Erdogan was democratically elected president who over time diminished the utility of the courts by packing it with people who supported him. He eliminated the voices of those were supposed to be the independent guardrails on democracy. And he used that power to call for militarization of the public institutions.”

“We are seeing evidence of that in the United States. Now I’m not comparing apples to oranges. But I am saying that they are all fruit of the same poisonous tree, and we need to take steps now to ensure that our presidency is not a gateway to the type of authoritarian regimes we’ve seen in Turkey,” she added.  

Finally, she said, “We have to acknowledge the authoritarian nature of Donald Trump, and we’ve got to nip it in the bud if we want democracy to continue here, and if we want to continue to be the moral leader abroad.”

Watch the video below:

Abrams’ comments come as Trump has faced criticism of his decision to fire several inspectors general, and his threat to deploy the U.S. military to quell violent demonstrations.

Trump has also been accused of politicizing the Justice Department to protect his political allies and attack his foes.

And he has repeatedly touted his success at filling vacant judicial spots. 

Opponents of the president argue he is degrading institutional norms and that the country is sliding into an authoritarian state. However, supporters of Trump argue he is restoring the country to its constitutional foundation.


  1. We need to nip this ugly, crooked, obese Communist LIAR in the bud! And isn’t it funny how the crowd that accuses our president of an “authoritarian nature” is sympathetic to Marxism, Socialism, radical Islamism and every other -ism that is the very essence of authoritarian nature. I won’t call her a pig because that would be an insult to our tasty little 4-legged friends that give us bacon and BBQ.

  2. She sure is deliberately ignoring the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, etc., censoring things President Trump and some of his supporters say.

  3. President Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman who knows how things should be run. If the Rhinos, especially the former Speaker of the House, had not fought him at every turn, our country would be even better before Corona virus hit and the riots and looting happened. And you sure won’t find ANYONE in the Dumbocrap party to do a better job. If the black lives really matter, then why did these rioters and looters steal from and destroy all their black neighbors businesses.

  4. Erdogan was not elected in a true “democratic” process. He was put in power by a coalition of Russian and Islamic control sources to move the Turkish government toward a theocracy, and maintain good, subservient relations with Russia. One could EASILY equate Erdogan’s installation to that of Barak Obama in 2008. Obama was imported and GROOMED, with many others at the same time, to be one of those selected to become the “Great Black/White Hope” in the U.S. And he was true to his grooming. Liberal/Democrat State and Urban officials all over the U.S. are installed to accomplish the erosion of The Republic (Representative Democracy) in The U.S. It’s working in Minneapolis, Seattle and possibly in L.A. President Trump is the mose EVEN-HANDED, JUST President We’ve EVER HAD. He’s really not a Republican nor a Democrat. He’s a Popular Patriot, striving to deliver the Government of The People, by The People and for The People BACK TO THE PEOPLE. The Deep State fights this RIGHT Crusade with spewing, venomous rage because this will remove THEIR CONTROL over the population and OUR WEALTH! This puppet woman, bought and branded into Socialism, is a LIAR and a THIEF. She has been instrumental in SEVERAL schemes with the DNC to fleece tax money from working Americans. Call Her Out!

  5. She is really nipping truth in the bud. The liberals/Democrats have gone all out recently to ensure that Americans only get the Ultra Left view. They have made new rules in Congress that basically turns over House investigations and voting to the Democrats. From removing executives that believe in fairness in broadcasting, to removal of articles that don’t express the Leftist agenda, to removing Cops and Live PD from TV, eliminating any video proof of how the Police force in general really makes arrests, Liberals/Democrats are controlling, absolutely, what you read and hear. On Netflix, the new category of film is BLM, promoting video that is written with a specific agenda. History will be rewritten go support this agenda which has the purpose of getting more handouts, quotas, reparations and affirmative action. Free, free, free. The Liberals/Democrats don’t want anyone to see the truth, giving them free reign to tell their lies unhindered. The American media and press have been systematically corrupted by the Left.

  6. This is hypocrisy coming from a truly black, fat, and ugly Democrat who has failed as a politician!

  7. This coming from a racist Democrat. Well, allow me to advise her that Trump is the President. He has authority and uses it wisely. Remember former President Osama issuing executive orders, installing brokocare, making racist statements that were never countered and dividing whites from blacks in this country? She doesn’t remember anything that would go against her racist stance.

  8. Oh, and Ms. Warthog, ask yourself WHY you are a FAILED Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate….

  9. Funny how democrats/liberals are ALREADY trying to eliminate the voices of republican/conservatives, WE the PEOPLE understand that no matter what this man does HE will always be blamed for someone else’s incompetence, for example, the mayors and governors of those states hit with rioting, looting and destruction, THEY could not control the chaos within their boundaries, because, let’s face it, democrats are weak minded insects that cannot control their own sectors let alone the people in them when they turn on the animal instinct..

    1. Mary: It’s not that they can’t control. It’s that they keep trying to “buy” the black vote.
      Remember: they are not racist (ha ha ha)

  10. The only authoritarians I saw were running democratic controlled states and cities.

  11. Of course there is! HE actually KNOWS what he’s talking about and understands the Constitution, Bill of Rights and intention of the founding Fathers. Unlike you racist stacy.

  12. “I said that we’re on the path toward populist authoritarianism.” Abrams

    I have been warning the same thing here. King Donald The Loser IS dangerous.

      1. John is confused.

        Yeah, John King Donald The Loser gets to sit on his golden throne, and the country lost. We all lost, including you.

        We MUST elect better politicians.


          1. Greatness confuses OBSIDIAN.

            The US still has the greatest number of COVID-19 cases and 115,000 deaths, and rising numbers in 19 states (give or take depending on the stage of re-opening and when).

            We have the greatest number of unemployed since the Great Depression.

            We still have an average of about 1,000 annual police shooting deaths.

            We have NO IDEA how to eliminate systemic racism at a time led by a racist president who thinks, yup, THIS will be quick and easy to fix.

          2. Silly Squat – more whites were killed by police than blacks. Go ahead and cry.

        1. Perhaps you are correct. Let’s see if Putin is available. He would be a perfect Democrat.

  13. That’s rich, Stacy. Coming from someone who still believers she’s governor of Georgia.

  14. what a joke. Your party wants to be authoritarian over us all. Can anybody say lockdowns?

  15. She says Trump is authoritarian? She’s projecting again, obviously. Just look at the coronavirus lockdowns and tell me again who’s authoritarian.

  16. If you are running out of excuses as to why you lost your election, give Hillary a call. I’m sure she will be glad to give you some new material.
    What’s that?
    You ARE the governor of Georgia?
    Oh, I see. No excuses needed then.

    1. Democrats never lose. They just go behind the scenes and stir things up until they get their way. Now that I think about it, isn’t that what’s happening in Seattle and other major cities today.

  17. So sad that this political figure continues to fight our President. The energy she spends to spew hatred and diviseness is the mantra of the progressive, rich elite who are funding her and others who want to silence conservatives. The majority of Republicans, along with others who are disenfranchised, voting in November will support President Trump.

  18. Who cares what this fat turd says. Who is she, a loser Democrap who never stops compaining she lost that election in Georgia due to Rrrrrraaaaaccccciiiissssmmmmm!!!!!!!!!. I hope Alzheimer Joe picks her as VEEP, then we can really laff. This country is turning into a S**thole

  19. Trump is an authoritarian? Why? Because he insists on the rule of law and will not let local governments leave their citizens unprotected? Thank heavens for Trump. These assclown’s would have us living in a state of anarchy inside of 12 months if left unfettered.

    1. Yep, Seattle is a $#!+#*le. So is Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis. All the Democrat-run cities.

    1. Hillary was her Masta before she was freed and now Stacey emulates Hillary.

  20. Stop giving this Hippo air time ,,, she is a worthless POS, spewing Lies, Deceit and her Hate for everyone who does not support her.

  21. Go get them all President Trump! Let’s nip Stacy in the bud as we know she is a Liar and Cheat.

  22. tramplinthinskin is a TRAITOR and a complete

    phuhking asshole.

    All who support him are TRAITORS

    and complete phuhking assholes.

    1. John, say hello to your Mom when you come up from the basement for dinner. Also, she said be sure to change your underwear.

      So so angry. She also asked that you be sure to take your medication.

    2. Does your Mother know that you are a foulmouthed little puke? No one cares what you think.

      1. Really Churl ?

        Then why do you ALWAYS read and reply

        to what I write.

        That’s some really phuhked up shit.

        1. Awww Joan. You wish. I do NOT always read your obscenities and reply only when I’m bored. Because you are predictable and boring.

    3. He’s making America great again. The traitors are democrats. They are evil.

  23. You go get ’em, President Trump! Your patriot supporters have your back. Abrams says our President is authoritarian, and while I don’t agree with that description, I would much rather that, than to see the socialist Democrats like this resentful woman, turn America into another Venezuela! Three words come to mind when I think of Abrams and so many others like her — desperate, angry, and hateful. I’ll take President Trump — no contest, thank you very much!!!

    1. Well you are a complete asshole Carol.

      So what you say makes perfect sense.

  24. Michelle36
    Do you want to talk about authoritarianism? How about your people, you know, the ones who act like Hitler’s brown shirts. The looters and the rioters, Antifa, George Soros, the media, etc. If anyone is being an “authoritarian dictator,” it’s the loony left!

      1. Nobody can even understand your run-on babble nonsense. Go flush yourself, porta-john.

    1. Correct Michelle36. And the cities support their behavior by doing little or nothing to stop it. If this was the KKK doing these things, there would be a massive police response.

  25. Poor old Stacy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She still says they she won the Gov race. Guess somebody needs to tell her that when you are 55,000 votes behind, you did not win. I lived in Turkey for 10 months, and Pres Trump is nothing like the Turkish Gov’t.

  26. It is the Democrat party and the democrat politicians running the cities that have resulted in these 3 things:
    cities that are financially bankrupt, cities not controlling the serious crime rates and being sanctuary cities.
    It takes a strong President to stop the incompetent politicians and bring their cities back into being a part of civilized society.

  27. Says the woman who still thinks she’s the governor of Georgia…she’s demented!

  28. “I said that we’re on the path toward populist authoritarianism,” Abrams said. — except fascism is coming to America but from our blind spot, the left.

  29. Exactly. The Democrats continually throw things in the way. The economy is coming back with no help from them. Authoritarian is certainly a word that certainly can not be attributed to Biden.

    1. What does come to mind for Biden is:
      1) Dumb as a door knob
      2) Lying Piece Of Sh!t
      3) Corrupt to the core
      4) Hair sniffing, boob grabbing, ass squeezing pervert (and that’s just with his son 🙂
      5) Racist! “You ain’t black!”

      1. What does come to mind for Trump is:
        1) Dumb as a doorknob
        2) Lying Piece Of Sh!t
        3) Corrupt to the core
        4) Pussy grabbing pervert
        5) Fascist!

    1. Cherl
      June 11, 2020
      Exactly. The Democrats continually throw things in the way. The economy is coming back with no help from them. Authoritarian is certainly a word that certainly can not be attributed to Biden.

      1. Only a moron with her head permanently

        lodged in her rectum thinks so Churl

          1. Not at all surprising since your

            I Q is lower than the Mariana Trench John.

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