Alaskans Skate on Rare 'Ice Window' Frozen Lake




Luc Mehl and Sarah Mehl Himstad shared a glimpse of their ice skating excursion on a rare “ice window” that formed on Lake Rabbit in Alaska. 

Reuters posted a video clip of the skate where Luc stated, “I’ve never experienced that in, in the 12 years that I’ve been doing this.”

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“Usually, these lakes are all covered with snow by the time the water freezes,” he went on

Then Luc noted, “I think what was so special about this ice is that because it’s up in the Alpine, it’s up in the mountains. The lake bottom doesn’t have any vegetation, and it’s rock instead of soil and so the water is really clear.”

“It reminded me of snorkeling more than any other activity that I’ve done,” he added. 

According to The New York Post, the translucent freeze took place in late October due to cold dry weather that offered the perfect opportunity to display the bottom of the lake through its icy surface. 

Do you enjoy ice skating?

Images of the skate over this rare “ice window” were shared displaying the otherworldly sight. 

This occurred just as ice skating season is returning across the nation. Statista reported that over 9 million Americans enjoyed ice skating in 2021. 

Both indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks are opening all over the country for the winter season. From Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park to Portland Oregon’s ‘Woodsy Winter Village,’ per KGW8, the skating season is presenting plenty of opportunities for people to get on the ice. 

King’s Island in Ohio posted a video of their Royal Fountain being transformed into a skating rink.

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Canada’s Tourism Canmore Kananaskis also posted about ice skating season and stated, “It’s just about time to dig out those skates – the frozen lakes of Canmore and Kananaskis make for a pretty epic ice-skating rink!”

“Be sure to practice natural ice safety by ensuring the thickness is 20cm for skating.”

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