Alexander Vindman Takes Swipe at Elon Musk, Then People Notice What He Did Right After


A partisan leftist known for an attempt to take down former President Donald Trump decided to take a shot at Twitter owner Elon Musk on Sunday.

Former National Security Council official Alexander Vindman called Musk a “purveyor of hate and division” in a Sunday tweet, touting his military service as a political weapon against the technologist and entrepreneur.

“I’ll put my reputation up against yours any day,” Vindman said. “I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to my country. Upheld my oath to protect & defend this nation at great personal cost. You’ve demonstrated yourself to be a purveyor of hate and division. Let history be the judge.”

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He was responding to a tweet from Musk in which the billionaire reacted to Vindman’s apparent circulation of inorganic anti-Musk messages mass-tweeted by other accounts.

“Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer,” he said. “Question is who pulls his strings … ?”

Skeptics of Vindman were quick to point out that the anti-Trump advocate had edited his original tweet criticizing Musk.

Editing tweets is a feature available only to Twitter Blue subscribers, or users of the service who pay the monthly $8 subscription fee.

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Twitter Blue was implemented at Musk’s behest.

Perhaps if he really were the “purveyor of hate and division” that Vindman claimed, the partisan commentator wouldn’t be so quick to subscribe to the premium version of his service.

Vindman’s claim to fame lies in a backhanded attempt to take down Trump as a White House staffer in the Trump administration.

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The since-retired Army lieutenant colonel leaked an audio recording of a 2019 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Vindman claimed the then-president instituted a quid pro quo for congressional funding to Ukraine.

This led to the first Democrats’ first impeachment hearings against Trump, with a vote in the Senate ending in Trump’s acquittal.

Vindman proceeded to reinvent himself as a progressive commentator after leaving the White House.

It’s rich that the left has suddenly deemed the private ownership of Twitter problematic — the second it falls under the administration of someone who opposes internet censorship.

For years, the establishment left told those censored and banned by Twitter to merely create their own platforms — instruction they could apply to themselves now that Musk is in charge.

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