Amazon Under Fire From Holocaust Remembrance Groups for TV Show, ‘Antisemitic’ Books

Amazon is facing backlash from two Holocaust remembrance groups over “dangerous” and “antisemitic” content being distributed on its website. 

The Auschwitz Memorial and the Holocaust Educational Trust recently raised concerns about Amazon’s new television series, “Hunters” and Nazi-propaganda books written by Julius Streicher. 

According to CNN, Streicher is a member of the Nazi party and the author of the antisemitic newspaper, “Der Stürmer.” Streicher’s books, which are still for sale on Amazon, are also listed as being published through Amazon’s independent publication platform, CreateSpace. 

“When you decide to make a profit on selling vicious antisemitic Nazi propaganda published without any critical comment or context, you need to remember that those words led not only to the [Holocaust] but also many other hate crimes motivated by [antisemitism],” the Auschwitz Memorial said of the books in a tweet Sunday.

The remembrance groups also raised concerns about the new Amazon Prime television series following its premiere. Specifically, a chess scene that allegedly represents false depictions of concentration camps. 

The scene reportedly shows Auschwitz prisoners being forced to kill each other during a match of “human chess.”

“Auschwitz was full of horrible pain [and] suffering documented in the accounts of survivors,” the Auschwitz Memorial said on Twitter. “Inventing a fake game of human chess for [Hunters] is not only dangerous foolishness [and] caricature. It also welcomes future deniers. We honor the victims by preserving factual accuracy.”

The latest news follows the release of an open letter to Amazon written by the Holocaust Educational Trust on Friday. The group is calling for the removal of Streicher’s books from the Amazon marketplace. 

“It is worrying that distinguished publishers like Amazon would make available products that promote racist or hate speech of any kind, let alone those from the darkest period of European history,” wrote Holocaust Educational Trust.

In an emailed statement, an Amazon spokesperson has responded to the groups’ concerns. 

“As a bookseller, we are mindful of book censorship throughout history, and we do not take this lightly,” Amazon wrote, according to The Guardian. “We believe that providing access to written speech is important, including books that some may find objectionable.”

Amazon reportedly plans to respond to the allegations about “Hunters” at a later date. 

Published in IJR