Angry Mob Left Joe Biden Personalized Message on White House Gates


If they were conservatives protesting porn in schools, they’d be in prison by now.

The mobs of demonstrators that descended on the White House on Saturday in support of the Palestinian cause — and presumably the Hamas terrorists who spearhead it — swamped the nation’s capital while filling the air with chants.

And they left messages for President Joe Biden — and the American public — that will cost taxpayers money to remove.

According to The Washington Times, only one demonstrator was arrested among the thousands who rattled the White House gates, vandalized its columns and spraypainted other political messages on the bases of statues throughout Washington.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson posted a video of the damage to the social media platform X on Monday.

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As the video shows, “Free Palestine” appears more than once. Then there’s the much more personalized “F*** Biden,” which, if it had been conservatives protesting (and if conservatives were vandals) presumably would have been more euphemistically phrased as “Let’s go Brandon!

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

In another context, the message of “Free Palestine” would simply be insipid. In the context of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, sparked by the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack that echoed the worst days of the Holocaust, it is infuriating.

Palestinian-related protests are no longer about Middle Eastern graduate students getting their rocks off during their studies in the U.S. and proving they haven’t forgotten the homeland. They’re not just about American hipsters showing how in tune they are with the “oppressed peoples” by putting a fist in the air for Palestinians while wearing their “Free Mumia” T-shirts and Che berets.

What the world saw in the Oct. 7 massacre was an evil as deep and deplorable as the evil that drove the Holocaust — as centuries of anti-Semitism burst into view on a bloody day in the Jewish homeland.

What United States has seen since — with pro-Hamas rallies sullying the streets of major cities and college campuses, with vandals tearing down posters bearing images of those taken hostage — is an endorsement of that evil.

And as the Saturday mob in D.C. proved — with the extensive vandalism on record combined with only one arrest — it’s happening while the government turns the other way.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration makes noises about Israeli restraint.

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Does anyone doubt for a second that if tens of thousands of Donald Trump supporters had converged on the White House, the crowd would have been dispersed with tear gas and police batons before spray paint play could begin?

Does anyone doubt that a mob of parents protesting the use of public libraries around the country to satisfy grown men’s urging for sexual cosplay would have been locked up on the spot, with the District of Columbia and Capitol Police running out of plastic handcuffs to hold everyone?

But these hordes are “protestings for Palestine,” a cause sanctioned by the international left, big names in entertainment and many prominent American Democrats — such as “squad” members Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

While it’s true that some Democrats have attacked Tlaib for her position, give the party time, and a rising body count. It’s a good bet it won’t be long before Democrats are pushing en masse for an Israeli “cease-fire” that would make Hamas the victor in its existential struggle.

The terrorists of Hamas and their backers, the murderous mullahs of Iran, are betting on the short memories of the American public to help demonstrators like this get their way.

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They’re assuming the country can be misled by the likes of former President Barack Obama, who hedges on a decision about a war between civilization and savages by declaring that “nobody’s hands are clean.”

Meanwhile, American taxpayers are left footing the bill for the childish temper tantrum that passed for a protest in D.C. on Saturday.

The protesters left one message for Biden. That was: “Free Palestine.”

They left another for the American people. That was: “You’re fools. And we’re proving it.”

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