AOC Claims She Is Controversial Because She Is Young and the Political System Is Centered on ‘Rich Men’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) suggested that she is a controversial figure because she is young, and puts the interests of working families first. 

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez said there are several factors about her that “trigger people.”

“Before people even knew who I was, like five minutes after I won my primary, it was the apocalypse on Fox News. And I think it’s because our political system is not designed for people like us. They’re not designed for working people to succeed, for young people, for women, for people of color. It’s not particularly welcoming.”

“But also I think it’s because our entire political system revolves frankly around rich men, and rich men are not the center of my universe — working families are,” she added. 

Watch the video below:

Ocasio-Cortez shocked the political world when she unseated Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) — who was the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House at the time — in her 2018 primary bid. 

Her comments raised some eyebrows among conservatives who noted that she endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for president:

However, the progressive star touted Sanders as the inspiration for her campaign for Congress.


  1. Newsflash to the idiot AOC:
    “young”, “white”, and “male” are NOT opposites. Are you betraying your own biases?

    Once again you demonstrate your *ahem* not-thinking. Maybe you should hire the Genital to work for you. He’s also a Sandernista.

  2. No Opportunistic-Commie. You MAKE yourself controversial by your stupidity and constantly opening your mouth which removes all doubts.

    Maybe after you are voted out you’ll post here and compete with Phil and the Genital for stupidest posts.

  3. The Socialist definition of wealthy: anyone who has more than me, whether they worked for it or not.

  4. On the other hand….AOC brings up the wealthy white men currently running for the Dim candidacy. Except for Lizzy, but her half-life is about done. She’s still wealthy and white.

  5. No, you ignorant, money-grubbing, socialist slut. Is your boyfriend still on you payroll? Are your housing and wardrobe still paid for by idiots with too much money? Sic those people first if your socialist agenda ever comes to pass.

    Despite your promotion from a bartender with two worthless degrees, your financial ignorance, and your false pose as a “girl from the hood” the reason is your mouth and the stupid s*it that comes from it. That and your membership in the Marxist Molls.

  6. “our entire political system revolves frankly around rich men” AOC

    That is almost accurate. More accurate would be “older white men” especially in the American Fascist Party.

      1. That’s exactly a description of Bernie.

        Three houses and millions in the bank is the definition of “wealthy” by socialist rules.

        1. It will be interesting to watch the American Fascists’ reaction to Bloomberg’s money if he does NOT drop out after Super Tuesday. If his numbers are not up to snuff and he keeps his campaign going, what does THAT do to the system? If he does drop out but he continues to fund lots of Democratic campaigns across the country, up and down the ticket, what are the Koch brother, Adelson, and other rich conservatives going to do in response? They have their billions. Will THEY be willing to turn our elections into a monied race or are y’all going to wake up and smell reality? Get money out of politics.

          “” #outnow “”

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