AOC Posts Photo with Bernie Sanders After SOTU, Exposes Him as a Fraud Without Even Knowing It


Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont wore a mask to Tuesday’s State of the Union address, and the act was quickly revealed to be nothing more than theater.

The radical “democratic” socialist was the only lawmaker in the House chamber who covered his face.

Bruce Y. Lee with Forbes applauded the 81-year-old for wearing a KN-95 mask while surrounded by smiling swamp creatures.

“Wearing a good quality face mask as Sanders did protected not only him but also anyone else he might have interacted with during and after the State of the Union address,” Lee wrote. “And that’s going to be especially important if Sanders interacted with anyone at higher risk for more severe Covid-19.”

Others also showered the senator with praise:

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Then, in an entirely unintentional act, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York revealed Sanders’ mask stunt for what it really was.

She posted a photo of the two huddled together with several other lawmakers, and Sanders’ mask was around his chin.

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Sanders was mocked pretty relentlessly:

There is certainly nothing wrong with a person deciding to wear a mask when out and about or socializing. The freedom to decide on the issue is what truly matters.

Of course, Sanders was not wearing the mask to protect himself or others or to further some noble goal.

The pathetic exercise in virtue-signaling was exposed for what it was when Sanders’ mask slipped off — both literally and figuratively.

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