Virginia Kruta
Collinsville, IL

Virginia holds a dual BS in Political Science and HIstory, and is a 10 year Army veteran (medic and radiology tech). She has previously written analysis and commentary for Dana Loesch, and was published at Breitbart....

Former WH Press Sec Says Mueller's Top Deputy Should Be Barred From Investigating Trump
By Virginia Kruta - 5 days ago
Early in the Mueller investigation, many voiced concern over the number of his investigators who were known to be Democrat donors.
Sarah Sanders Delivers a Slap to Obama While Calling the Pre-Christmas Economy 'The Trump Miracle'
By Virginia Kruta - 5 days ago
Several times in recent weeks, President Donald Trump has complained that media coverage has been focused on the negative when there's
While America Freaked Out Over Franken, The First Lady Brought Christmas Magic to Kids Who Need It Most
By Virginia Kruta - 7 days ago
Despite being married to one of the most controversial presidents in recent history, First Lady Melania Trump has displayed a remarkab
Ben Shapiro Drops Franken Bombshell on Dana Perino: 'I'm Not Sure He's Even Gonna Leave'
By Virginia Kruta - 7 days ago
In the wake of sexual misconduct allegations from an eighth woman, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) announced Thursday he plans to resign in the
Thousands of Americans Visit Pearl Harbor Every Year — But Here's What Many Miss Every Time
By Virginia Kruta - 7 days ago
2,403.2,403 people — soldiers, sailors, and civilians alike — died when Japanese strike forces attacked the American naval base at P
Al Franken Is Leaving the US Senate — But Not Without First Taking a Shot at the Oval Office
By Virginia Kruta - 7 days ago
On Thursday, after an eighth woman came forward alleging sexual misconduct against Sen. Al Franken (D-MN), the embattled lawmaker took
FBI Director Wray Flips Script on Democratic Rep Questioning Him: 'The FBI That I See...'
By Virginia Kruta - 7 days ago
FBI Director Christopher Wray has only officially held his position as the head of the nation's top law enforcement agency since Augus
Ben Shapiro Said in a Podcast He'd Like to Appear on 'The View' — Well, He Got Their Attention...
By Virginia Kruta - 8 days ago
If Ben Shapiro has proved anything in the last several years, it's that he is fearless.He walked right into the lion's den, speaki
Mueller's Deputy in Russia Probe Cheered Sally Yates for Bucking Trump Travel Ban
By Virginia Kruta - 8 days ago
Since the very beginning of the Mueller investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and transition tea
Dem Senator Says Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Is 'a Terrible Idea' — So Why'd She Vote for It?
By Virginia Kruta - 9 days ago
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has been a mixed bag when it comes to the Trump administration so far.Despite opposing — sometimes vo
Justice Kennedy's Argument in Gay Wedding Case Pretty Much Takes the Cake
By Virginia Kruta - 9 days ago
Justice Anthony Kennedy has often been referred to as the Supreme Court's “swing vote” — and not without reason.The Daily Signal e
Country Legend Charlie Daniels Just Made a Huge Prediction About Next Week's Army-Navy Game
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
On Dec. 9, the Army Black Knights and the Navy Midshipmen will meet on the football field to write the next chapter in their intense r
Nuclear Sirens Blare in Hawaii for First Time in Decades — Islands Prepare for North Korea to Act
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
The nuclear sirens in Hawaii had been silent since the Cold War, but on Friday — due to increasing concerns over the actions of North
Patton Oswalt Started It. Greg Gutfeld Finished It. Who Won? Everyone
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
The overnight passage of sweeping tax reform in the Senate resulted in a lot of people in Hollywood waking up cranky on Saturday morni
Media Flips Out Over Report That Hope Hicks Steamed Trump's Suits — While He Was in Them
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
During the campaign, Donald Trump made a lot of stops, sometimes attending events in multiple cities in a single day. A lot of travel
Lindsey Graham: 'We Are Getting Close to Military Conflict' With North Korea
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
As news broke of North Korea's most recent test launch — an intercontinental ballistic missile with the capability to reach the U.S. a
Trump Rips Into FBI — Calls Out Double Standard in Investigations of Flynn, Clinton
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
President Donald Trump hasn't been terribly vocal about the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.But since it w
President Trump Finally Praises a News Organization Other Than Fox
By Virginia Kruta - 11 days ago
It has been nearly a year since President Donald Trump singled out BuzzFeed and CNN in a press briefing — calling them purveyors of “f
Trump Told British PM That America Is 'Just Fine' — Meanwhile, Colbert Is Begging Her...
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
On Thursday, President Donald Trump took some heat for retweeting — without comment — videos from a group called Britain First.Bri
Uh-Oh: Flynn 'Clarification' Wasn't the First for ABC's Brian Ross
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
On Friday, ABC News's Brian Ross reported former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was set to testify that he was directed by Do
Sen. John McCain Targeted Over Tax Bill 'Yes' Vote — No One Expected Joe Scarborough to Defend Him...
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
It's no secret the Democrats — pretty much across the board — were not in favor of the tax reform bill that passed the Senate in the e
Actor Chris Pratt Just Found Out About the Guy Impersonating Him on Facebook — And He's Pissed
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
Actor Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) has been laying pretty low since announcing an amicable separation from his wife, actres
Democrats React to 11th Hour Tax Reform Bill Passage — And They're Pissed
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
Early Saturday morning, the Senate passed sweeping tax reform by just one vote — and the Democratic opponents of the bill, who commonl
Sen Tim Scott Slays Alyssa Milano With Savage Burn Over What It's Really Like to Struggle
By Virginia Kruta - 12 days ago
Actress Alyssa Milano is no stranger to starting a ruckus on Twitter — but she may have tangled with the wrong senator Friday.Sen.