Barber Offers Haircuts in Exchange for What He Has More Faith in Than Money: 'God Is Real'


Some might consider a mobile barbershop to be a unique, but perhaps clever business idea.

However, the primary thing that sets Premier Mobile Cuts apart from other Texas barbershops is how the business is helping some customers enjoy the Christmas holiday season while also strengthening their relationship with the Lord.

David Lopez is the owner of the barbershop, and as Christmas approaches, he’s willing to cut hair for a prayer — prayed out loud — as one of the forms of payment, according to KWES-TV.

When customers enter his mobile barbershop, they get to experience the worshipful sounds of Christian music while he cuts their hair.

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“What I do here is I make [people] feel good about themselves, about their identity, self-identity,” Lopez said.

He went on to explain that he “was raised to believe in prayer since I was little. I’ve seen prayer work, I’ve seen prayer move.”

Lopez wears a hat with the words “PRAY BIG,” written across the front in all capital letters.

His hat is truly a testimony to his personal belief that God is bigger than any circumstance, that nothing is impossible for Him to accomplish and that God is real.

Do you think Christians should be more outspoken about their faith?

“It just depends what you value,” Lopez said. “Some people value money, some people value, you know, different things, and put their faith in things of this world.”

As for Lopez, he said he personally just has more faith in prayer than he does in money.

Lopez’s faith is a springboard that opens doors for him to be able to share a message that inspires others.

He sees himself as doing God’s work through the talent God has given him to provide quality haircuts, while also using his business to show the value and power of prayer.

“I’m pleasing the Father, and at the same time, I’m kind of sparking the faith [of customers],” he said.

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Lopez told of an encounter with one customer whom he suspects, by the way the man prayed, that he wasn’t someone who really prayed very much, if at all. Lopez felt he was participating in the work of the Lord by creating a situation in which that customer got to exercise his faith through prayer.

Lopez likes to focus on Sundays as the primary day for cutting hair in exchange for a prayer, but he’s willing to do so on any day that someone might come in who’s in need.

Back in November, Lopez posted a three-part promise on Facebook aimed at customers who come to his barbershop.

1) The best haircut they’ve ever had.
2) 10 percent given to Kingdom work.
3) He won’t hide his faith.

He finished the post out by declaring a scripture out of Numbers 23:20:

“Behold I have received a command to bless; He has blessed, and I cannot reverse it.”

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