Baseball Team Pulls Shirt After Fans Notice What City Nickname Looks Like


A Minor League Baseball team in Tennessee is scrambling for a new t-shirt design after some fans thought they saw a racial slur in their most recent design. But not everyone is convinced.

The Minor League Chattanooga Lookouts recently put out a new shirt riffing off the last five letters in name of their city and making the two Os into a pair of eyes. But some saw a word other than “Nooga” glaring back at them.

One tweet led the charge to question the shirt design over its supposedly racist subtext as an account using the Twitter name “Dre” jumped up to say “Oh no, Chattanooga this isn’t gonna work.”

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But there was mixed reaction to the question over what the shirt “really” says, with the obvious implication being that this stylized “Nooga” hews a little too close to the actual N-word slur.

One Twitter user agreed with “Dre” and bashed the purportedly racist shirt as “hilariously bad.”

Was pulling this shirt the right decision?

Another blasted the team and the city both saying, “Thought Chattanooga couldn’t get more racist.”

Twitter user “Jamie” thought the whole thing was a bad idea.”

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But many others felt it was reaching solely to find something to be offended at to purposefully misunderstand that “Nooga” is a long-time nickname for the team and the two eyes in the logo represents the “Lookouts,” which is the name of the team.

If you go looking for racism in every nook and cranny, you’re bound to find something that will seem racist to you, and this jersey controversy appears to be no different — at least according to some.

“Nooga is their long standing nickname. The looking eyes in the graphic suggest their actual name ‘Look outs.’ So what’s the problem here?” Twitter user “Catboat Guy” explained.

“You have to dig really hard and be predisposed to using slurs in your vocabulary to see anything wrong with this shirt,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Ridiculous,” one social media fan wrote. “Nobody decent thinks of the N-word until someone has to bring it up to get their 5 mins of fame.”

Twitter user “Jake” blasted the naysayers and said that the attack on the shirt is “Censorship and fascism at it’s best.”

After the fuss was kicked up social media, the shirt disappeared from the team’s online store, according to TND-TV. It’s a curious move given that every article of clothing that the Lookouts sport generally features the term “Chattanooga” (and thus “Nooga”) on it.

It is, perhaps, a matter of perspective. But it seems undeniable that the shirt had absolutely nothing whatever to do with race. All the letters and symbolism in the design are of long standing in Chattanooga. And no one has questioned it at all until now.

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