Watch: Joy Behar Reacts After Guest Calls Trump 'Hilarious': 'About As Funny as a Herpes Sore'


“The View” co-host Joy Behar does not think former President Donald Trump is “hilarious.”

The panel discussed Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter on Tuesday and the potential that the 45th president might be allowed to return to the platform.

“What do you think about Trump being on there?” Behar asked comedian Amber Ruffin.

She clarified, “He says he’s not going to be on Twitter which, as usual, is a lie. He’s going to go to Truth Social and shoot his mouth off there.”

Ruffin responded, “I think Trump is going to come back to Twitter, and it’s going to be horrible but also very hilarious. We forget how hilarious Trump is.”

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Watch the video below:

Ruffin then shared a clip of Trump talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with journalist Piers Morgan.

“Putin uses the n-word, I call it the n-word, he uses the n-word, the nuclear word, all the time. That’s a no-no. You’re not supposed to do that. He uses it on a daily basis. And everyone’s so afraid, so afraid, so afraid,” Trump said, adding, “You cannot use the nuclear word ever again.”

Do you think Trump is "hilarious"?

“Oh my god, it’s the best. It is the best!” Ruffin said laughing.

She continued, “And I’m sorry. Trump is very horrible. We all dislike him very much. That man is hilarious. That’s one of the funniest things.”

“You know, I used to think he was funny, but no, he’s about as funny as a herpes sore. I don’t think he’s funny,” Behar fired back.

She turned to the audience and asked, “Do you think he’s funny anymore?”

“He’s not funny,” she added.

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Meanwhile, co-host Ana Navarro chimed in, “Let me remind you all that part of the reason he ended up as president was because we made fun of him.”

“He got made fun of at the White House Correspondents Dinner. To me, he’s serious as a heart attack,” she added.

For his part, Trump told CNBC on Monday, “I won’t be going back on Twitter.”

“I like Elon Musk. I like him a lot. He’s an excellent individual. We did a lot for Twitter when I was in the White House. I was disappointed by the way I was treated by Twitter. I won’t be going back on Twitter,” he added.

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