Behar Triggered by Common Insults While Claiming All Republicans Have Blood on Their Hands


On Tuesday, the rattlebrain peanut gallery that is the panel hosting “The View” said that Republican voters whose chosen representatives didn’t pass the gun laws they demanded were “complicit” in mass shootings like the one in Uvalde, Texas — despite no evidence that gun laws supported by Democrats could have stopped it.

One day later, Joy Behar was very offended that the selfsame people her panel said were “complicit” in mass murder called people like her “libtards.”

Only on “The View.”

According to media watchdog site Newsbusters, the two-episode arc of hypocrisy began as Behar and co-host Sunny Hostin went on a rant about the complicity of Second Amendment-supporting Americans in mass shootings. The conversation began with an anecdote about Larry David confronting Elon Musk at a wedding about gun violence.

Token conservative co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin pushed back in the mildest way possible, saying that while there “are very legitimate criticisms of Elon Musk, platforming neo-Nazis, stoking anti-Semitism, stoking conspiracy theories” (false, false, false), she felt that “this is a bit of an intellectually cheap argument to say, ‘You are a Republican, therefore the blood of children is on your hands.’ I think that is a bridge way too far.”

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“Well, what has the Republican Party done recently to stem the tide of guns out there?” Behar, now on the warpath, said. “Did they get rid of AR-15s?”

Sunny Hostin went further, saying, “If you vote Republican, I believe that you are complicit in that, unless you are actively working day and night to change that within your party.”

Well, that’s some incendiary talk. That was Tuesday. Come Wednesday, dear, delicate Joy Behar is a bit irked that “MAGA” types call her a “libtard.”

This bit of “Firing Line”-worthy discussion came as the panel described how singer Taylor Swift and actress Sophie Turner bonded over their loathing of a mutual ex. Given the number of people Swift has “dated”, I think she could bond with about half of semi-famous American women (and some men, given the climate of 2023) this way, so it’s not exactly like this is earth-shattering news.

However, Behar said that “it’s entirely normal for friendships to be based on mutual hatred. Think about it … I mean, I’ll get some blowback for this, but I think the MAGA crowd, the base, they hate the same people that Trump hates.”

“Yes,” Hostin said in agreement.

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“They call us the libtards or something. They have these terrible remarks about people like us,” she continued. “And they say we’re like the enemy, and you owned the libs. That is the whole basis … of their success with Trump. OK? They don’t care that they’re not going to get abortion rights!”

Twenty-four hours prior, Behar was part of a panel that called the vast majority of Republican voters — and we’re talking 74 million people who cast their ballot for Trump in 2020, so keep that in mind — accessories to murder because they believe in their constitutional rights.

But on Wednesday, she was indignant that she was being called a “libtard!” Or whatever they’re calling her nowadays. That’s the wellspring of real divisiveness in American politics.

Just to be clear, I don’t recall the term “libtard” being uttered extensively since we were all using Windows XP or those translucent-blue CRT iMacs, which makes Behar’s rant even stranger.

In case you were curious about the etymology of the term, this is what has to say about the word: “It’s unknown who invented the term — such things are tricky to pin down — but early evidence of it online came in an Usenet group in 2004. There … it was used in a message board on Michael Moore, the outspoken liberal filmmaker, to mock a person who was concerned about being American abroad during the War on Terror.

Is Joy Behar out of touch?

“By 2005, it made its debut on Urban Dictionary, defined as a general insult used by conservatives and Republicans against liberals and Democrats. Since then, the term often targets liberals over political correctness, social welfare, and racial and gender equality.”

Right, whatever. The point is that “libtard,” as a neologism in popular usage, is about as 2000s as “obvs,” “rents,” “BFF,” “chillax,” “noob” and “phat.” Behar is personally vexed by a term that basically peaked so long ago, people born while it was in popular coinage will be eligible to vote for the libtard of their choice come November of 2024. (Or make the smart move and cast their ballot otherwise.)

And yes, we all know we shouldn’t use variations on the now-offensive phrase “retard,” blah blah blah, etc. Except 1) nobody is using the term “libtard” anymore and 2) this is coming from a woman who is part of a panel show that just accused most of the other side of the political spectrum of complicity in mass murder.

One is more offensive than the other. Pro tip: It’s not the part about the “offensive” word those MAGAites allegedly use to describe Joy Behar.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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