Sanders Blames the 'Corporate Media' After Super Tuesday Shortcomings


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) did not have the sort of dominating appearance on Super Tuesday that would have propelled him into an insurmountable delegate lead pushing him to the nomination.

While Bernie took California, former Vice President Joe Biden struck surprising victories in Texas and Massachusetts.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Bernie addressed the shortcomings of his campaign and took a shot at the “corporate media.”

In his remarks, Sanders said that his campaign “has taken on the entire political establishment and that is an establishment, which is working frantically to try to defeat us.”

“There has not been a campaign, I think, that has been having to deal with the kind of venom we’re seeing from some in the corporate media.”

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He continued, “This campaign has been compared to the coronavirus on television, we have been described as the Nazi army marching across France, etcetera, etcetera.”

See Sanders’ comments below:

Sanders’ references noted two particular incidents — CNN’s Michael Smerconish seemingly pondered last week, “Can either coronavirus or Bernie Sanders be stopped?” Smerconish’s remark was run as a chyron across the bottom of the CNN screen and a spokesperson for the company later apologized for the chyron, telling Deadline, “The banner was wholly inappropriate and a mistake. We are addressing internally.”

Sanders also referenced MSNBC host Chris Matthews who compared Sanders’ Nevada victory to the Nazi invasion of France. Matthews later apologized and has since departed MSNBC.

The self-described Democratic socialist from Vermont faces a much different race in the coming months as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped out and endorsed Biden after a poor showing on Super Tuesday. Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his own presidential ambitions.

Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hasn’t revealed any decision after her less-than-stellar appearance on Super Tuesday in which she didn’t win a single state and lost her home state of Massachusetts to Biden.

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