Obama on Biden’s Ability to Handle Pandemic: Would Not Quit on ‘Trying to Actually Bend Down the Curve’

Former President Barack Obama criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus as the pandemic continues to impact dozens of cities around the country.

During a socially distanced discussion with former Vice President Joe Biden, Obama discussed the dire state of the U.S. now faced with a public health crisis and economic turmoil.

After Biden — now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — expressed concern about Trump’s presumed lack of empathy. Obama recalled the outcome of the public health crisis they experienced during their tenure in the White House.

Obama said, “You and I had experience dealing with health crises, public health crises, and in each instance what you and I understood, and why I have so much confidence that you’re going to be able to deal with COVID in the way that other countries with our kinds of resources are dealing with it right now, which is smartly.”

See their exchange below:

Obama expressed confidence in Biden’s experience and ability to lead as he highlighted how he believes Biden’s leadership would differ in comparison to the current administration’s handling of the virus.

“I have confidence you’re going to actually listen to the experts,” Obama said. And you’re going to pay attention to the science, and you’re not going to quit on trying to actually bend down the curve of disease and transmission rates.”

Obama and Biden’s discussion comes amid ongoing concerns about the alarming rise in coronavirus cases across the country.

Not only is the United States faced with a public health crisis but also a crisis that impacts the economy and education sectors of the country.

Back in May, President Donald Trump began pressing states to reopen in an effort to save the collapsing economy.

But unfortunately, the economy has not bounced back as quickly as the president may have hoped due to ongoing spikes in coronavirus cases that have prohibited businesses from fully reopening.

In fact, with more than 4.1 million coronavirus cases in the United States as of Thursday afternoon, The New York Times reports that spikes in coronavirus cases are so high, the number of cases now outpaces testing expansion.

During the discussion with Biden, Obama also explained why he believes it is impossible to “separate” public health from the economy.

“If you want the economy growing again, people have to feel safe,” Obama said.


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  9. Biden would never quit, no matter how big a mess he made.
    And Obama, still showing he doesn’t have the class that all the previous presidents had.

  10. Hey Barry (who did such a stellar job against the Swine Flu) and Joe.

    Want to “bend the curve”? Tell the rioters to stop gathering. There’s a thought.

  11. “Bend down the curve” of what? In case Barry and Joe haven’t kept up the WuFlu has been declining over the past 12 weeks, outside of the spikes due to “peaceful rioters”.

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  14. Very true statement because Biden not quit because he has no clue where to start.

  15. Your administration’s response to H1N1 didn’t come to be until six months into the virus; and then testing was abruptly stopped.

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