Biden Takes Aim at Sanders After South Carolina Win: Voters Don't Want a 'Revolution'


After a massive victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary, former Vice President Joe Biden took aim at Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.).

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press” on Sunday, Biden said voters want results, not a “revolution,” a knock on Sanders’ vow to start a political revolution.

“It’s not about organizing the Democratic Party. It’s about giving confidence to the American people that we can get the things done, which I believe we can get done. They’re not looking for revolution. They’re looking for results. They’re looking for change. They’re looking for movement forward.”

Watch the interview below:

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He continued to call Sanders’ polices “pie in the sky” ideas and argued that he would be able to pass his policies through Congress, while Sanders would not.

“They want to make sure they make that their work gets rewarded. They want to make sure they have access to healthcare. Not a pie in the sky notion. That I can get it done — we can get it done immediately. They can be covered quickly. They want to make sure that they are in a position where their kids have access to an education. They want to make sure that we do something about climate change.”

Additionally, Biden said he thinks Sanders would lead to a massive loss for Democrats if he won the presidential nomination. He added that Sanders’ policies are “very controversial” even in the Democratic Party. 

When asked if he wanted to send a message to other candidates, who did not perform well in South Carolina, Biden said he respects the other candidates and that they would have to decide whether to stay in the race on their own. 

Biden was expected to win South Carolina, but he racked up a roughly 30 point lead over Sanders giving his campaign a much-needed boost after poor performances in the early states. 

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